October-Specific Resources for Your Vet Team

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Vet Tech celebrations, pets dressed up as pumpkins, and the leaves are changing; what more can you ask for? What was that? You want an October veterinary resource pack? Ask and you shall receive! We’re excited to provide you and your staff with pre-built, shareable collateral to last you all month long. Instantly download your seasonal pack here and get:  

  • Vet Tech collateral to help you celebrate your techs all month long
  • Ready-made social media posts for October holidays
  • Informative pet blog posts to help educate your clients
  • Helpful posters and handouts for your clinic and your clients
  • Vet Staff-specific material to help answer “Why are Vets So Busy?” 
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Paw-tumn-Ready Resources for Your Vet Team

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