3 PetDesk Mass Message Templates to Promote Pet Dental Health Month
Veterinary Communication & Efficiency Feb 9, 2022

3 PetDesk Mass Message Templates to Promote Pet Dental Health Month


If you’re looking for ways to promote pet dental health at your practice, PetDesk can help. Using our Mass Messaging feature, you can reach your clients easily and be sure that your message reaches them through email or mobile app push notification. At PetDesk, we’re all about saving veterinary staff time so that more time can be spent caring for patients. 

Below, we’ve supplied various templates your staff can use to get the word out about pet dental health services at your practice. 

Template 1: Special Promo

[Subject]: Special dental discount at [Practice Name]!

Did you know that by their second birthday, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease? If you notice their breath is not so fresh, that may be the first sign.

That’s why every year, we offer discounts on our dental services. So during the entire month of February, if you schedule a dental cleaning for your pet, you’ll receive [enter discount here]. Spots fill up fast, so make an appointment today and get your furry friend’s teeth cleaned!

Template 2: Loyalty Promo

[Subject]: Use Your [Practice Name] Reward Points

Have you checked your [Practice Name] loyalty rewards lately? Keeping [Pet’s name] in good health by making regular check-ups at the vet adds up in points that you can apply to future services. 

So if you’re looking to schedule [Pet Name] to come in soon, make sure to check your points balance and mention what discount you’d like to be applied at booking. 

Template 3: General Information/Education

[Subject]: Celebrate Pet Dental Health Month with Us!

Over time, poor dental hygiene can lead to periodontal disease in pets. Have you ever had your pet in for a dental cleaning, or brushed their teeth yourself? 

Take action on your pet’s health by taking care of their teeth! Check out this helpful article on brushing your pet’s teeth. Want us to take charge? Schedule your dental cleaning on the PetDesk app! 

Happy Brushing! 

[Practice Name]


If you like what you’ve read, and want more resources on promoting Pet Dental Health Month, check out our monthly dental health content pack. We’ve got resources you can use for social media, for client education, and more! 

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