If you know anything about PetDesk, then you’re familiar with our mantra of client reach being the most important thing (well, second behind providing medical care) a veterinary practice can do. If you don’t reach clients, they don’t know when to come in. It’s that simple. With so many tools, options, and services out there, you might be wondering if what you’re currently doing works.

To help you along in the quest to improve your practice’s client reach, we’ve prepared a neat little infographic on our favorite topic. Using Roger and Pam, two identical practice owners here in the U.S.,  we show how your ability to actually reach clients has a very real impact on your bottom line.

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Client Reach: A Tale of Two Clinics

The Story

Meet Roger and Pam, two veterinary clinic owners looking to reach their clients. Roger uses postcards and emails wile Pam uses postcards, email, SMS and a mobile app. Let’s see how their tools affect their client reach and the result of their bottom line.


  • Roger uses emails and postcards
  • Pam uses emails, postcards, SMS and push notifications

Both clinics have 2,000 clients — the average amount of current clients per clinic. Using their respective tools, let’s see the difference in client reach.

  • Roger: 30% Reach
  • Pam: 80% Reach

Does this mean every client shows up? Nope. On average, 10% of clients are no-shows. However, with her tools, Pam is able to bring that down to 5%

  • Roger: 10% no-show rate
  • Pam: 5% no-show rate

Roger’s 540 appointments vs. Pam’s 1,520 appointments

This means that Pam is going to see nearly 1,000 more clients per year, solely due to her tools. This is why client reach is so important.


If you’re concerned about the cost of adding these extra channels, consider that the average veterinary appointment brings in $125 in revenue. Not using these channels is potentially costing you $120k per year

  • Roger’s Revenue: $68k
  • Pam’s Revenue: $190k