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Pet Dental Month is in full swing, and if you haven’t started promoting pet dental services, there’s still time! Depending on your clinic, you have a variety of options, but which is right for you and your staff? From digital promotions to word-of-mouth and social media, each has its own benefit. Let’s take a look at the different ways to get the word out about pet dental care:


When you want to be able to contact your client list en mass, push notifications cut right through the noise and reach clients where they’re at — on their smartphones. If you’re not familiar with push being used for notifications, think of the last time someone “liked” a photo of yours on social media. The message that pops up in your notifications tray? That’s a push notification. And, they’re great at grabbing your attention. 

For dental month, you can use push to promote dental cleanings and other discounts you’re currently offering. Push notifications can be sent en masse so you can reach more clients quickly. 


Email can also help you achieve communication with a larger audience including those clients who haven’t been to your clinic in the past 6-12 months. Avoid clients tuning you out by writing clear, concise, and relevant promotions for your clients. If done correctly, expect your appointment book to fill up. 

PetDesk’s Mass Messaging feature allows you to do both push notifications and emails so that you can cut through the noise and reach clients quickly.


If your clinic uses an app (like PetDesk’s mobile app), there’s a good chance you can send clients messages on their smartphones. Not only are in-app messages a great way to send tailored promotional messages directly to clients, they’re able to request appointments immediately on their smartphone instead of calling the clinic and sitting on hold. 


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… social media has become a staple in day-to-day life. Whether it’s checking on what your friends are doing, or what your favorite company is promoting, using social media for your practice can help you expand your reach beyond your current client list. Think of social media as a means to not only promote your practice, but to also educate your clients on pet health, notify the public of special hours, and highlight your staff for morale. 


Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. Use your customer service representatives to the best of your ability here.

Why is it great for promotions? Your staff already has a working relationship with your clients. It’s an easy way to leverage those relations into something mutually beneficial. The clients get an opportunity for discounted medical services, you get another appointment on the books.

Start with something small like a flier. When staff distribute flyers, you’re avoiding the noise of the digital world entirely.  You aren’t casting a net and hoping to reach clients — you’re going right to the source.

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PetDesk developed some resources that your team can use during Pet Dental Health Month when using any channel of communication. Check out our February Dental Health content pack and choose from a range of social media poses to client education fliers and handouts. 

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While there is no magic bullet to promoting dental month, you do have a variety of options.

If you’re curious how the digital channels work, how they can benefit your practice, or just plain want to talk about promotion tactics, feel free to request a PetDesk demo.