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As a veterinarian, your primary concern will always be for your patients, and you trust your team to handle administrative duties so the practice runs smoothly. However, despite their efforts, instances where quality patient care isn’t their top concern may exist because there’s so much to do that isn’t patient care. 

Not only is your team focused on quality patient care, but throughout the day, they are also responsible for quality client care, multi-tasking clerical duties, inventory management, clinic cleanliness, and so much more.

Here are 5 ways to use automation so your team can focus on quality veterinary patient care.

1. Scheduling Appointments at Your Veterinary Clinic

The lucky staff member who handles the phones to schedule appointments may waste significant time trying to find a date and time that works for the client and doctor. However, allowing clients to make online appointment requests frees up the staff members so they can focus on other tasks. 

With PetDesk, you can allow clients to request appointments through our mobile app in the time blocks you choose. Not only does our appointment requesting feature work with your existing practice management system, allowing your staff the flexibility to approve appointments or suggest alternate times, but it even organizes your daily appointments with an easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, confirm appointments with just a few clicks!

Looking to provide your clients with the ability to book directly into your PIMS? Our integration with Vetstoria allows for direct online booking with even more customizability. 

Online appointment scheduling isn’t just convenient for your team, but it’s also convenient for your clients because the service is available 24/7 whenever they think of it.

2. Digital Veterinary Forms

Whether it’s putting together welcome packets, puppy and kitten folders, or processing paperwork for a new patient, it’s all time-consuming. Yet, when you use online forms that clients can review and sign digitally, the documents are readily available in the patient’s file. 

PetDesk’s veterinary client forms streamline your clinic workflows and elevate the client experience by eliminating manual data entry with their efficient digital solution. Create, collect, and manage customizable forms directly from one dashboard. By making scanning documents, putting together folders, or managing a complex filing system a thing of the past, your staff can reclaim valuable time for what truly matters – caring for patients.

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3. Communicate with Your Veterinary Clients

Communicating with clients is essential to quality patient care because you want to ensure the patient is up to date with their vaccinations and wellness checks. Instead of having the staff review each patient’s file and calling the client to remind them that it’s time for a visit, the client will receive a reminder for upcoming appointments or when they’re due for a vaccination.

By utilizing PetDesk’s automated veterinary reminders and confirmations, you can send reminders via email, push notifications, and text. You can even reduce no-shows in your clinic and save your schedule by providing clients with a link or button to confirm they are coming or cancel. 

4. Online Reviews and Veterinary Reputation Management

When someone is looking for a veterinary clinic with a history of providing quality patient care, they rely on other clients’ reviews. With WhiskerCloud, you get real-time veterinary reputation management while focusing on caring for animals. Plus, the team is here to help you promote them on your custom veterinary website.

After their appointment, your clients will receive an invitation to complete a short survey. The positive reviews will help potential clients get a feel for your clinic, the services you provide, and the quality of patient care they can expect. As for the negative reviews, you’ll be able to review them and address the concerns immediately. It doesn’t get much easier than that.  

5. Bill Pay and Payment Collection at Your Veterinary Clinic

When your clients use PetDesk Pay, they don’t have to hang around, waiting to ask staff a question about their bill, which could be an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. Instead, the staff can send the client an itemized invoice via text message or email after the appointment. Your client doesn’t have to worry about remembering their wallets and your staff doesn’t have to waste time making collection calls or mailing invoices. Also, staff can send invoices for a deposit ahead of a surgery or new patient appointment to mitigate no-shows. 

Quality patient care doesn’t have to suffer because your staff is busy with administrative tasks. When you address scheduling inefficiencies by automating some of the more time-consuming tasks, your staff can focus on what matters most – providing quality patient care that keeps clients coming back.


Automation to Improve Quality Patient Care FAQs

Q. What is one way to free up staff time for focusing on patient care and other tasks at a veterinary clinic?
A. You can free up staff time by allowing clients to request appointments online, which eliminates the need for staff to spend time scheduling appointments manually.

Q. How can online forms help streamline clinic workflows and enhance the client experience?
A. Online forms enable efficient data entry, easy document management, and eliminate the need for manual paperwork, thus allowing staff to prioritize patient care.

Q. What’s the benefit of using automated reminders for client communication in a veterinary clinic?
A. Automated reminders, such as those offered by PetDesk, help keep clients up to date with vaccinations and appointments by sending timely notifications via email, push notifications, and text, reducing the need for manual follow-up.

Q. How can real-time veterinary reputation management benefit a veterinary clinic’s image?
A. Real-time reputation management, like that provided by WhiskerCloud, helps clinics maintain a positive online presence by allowing clients to leave reviews after their appointments and address concerns promptly.

Q. How can automation improve the bill pay and payment collection process at a veterinary clinic?
A. With tools like PetDesk Pay, clinics can send itemized invoices to clients via text or email, reducing the need for clients to ask questions about their bills in person and streamlining the payment collection process.

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