Manhattan is a storied place. Once a Dutch colony, now it hosts prestigious events such as New York Vet, and has giant apples everywhere. Fun Fact: this is why they call it the big apple.

Joking aside, the food is excellent. We’ve compiled some restaurants and other establishments worth your time while you’re in town!

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Eat & Drink


225 W 35th St A, New York, NY 10001
6AM–4PM mon-fri 6AM–2:30PM sat, closed sun

Have you ever had a New York bagel? Well, now you’ve got the chance. First of our two options has 4.5 stars on Yelp. On top of getting genuine bagels, you get genuine New York service — they give you a receipt ticket and you wait with a crowd to get a delicious bagel. Get one of their signature spreads, or lox, or a sandwich — evidently, they’re all delicious and served quickly.

477 10th Ave, New York, NY 10018
7AM–4PM 7-days

Classic bagel spot, cute setup. If you want to pretend you’re in Seinfeld or FRIENDS, except in 2019, this place fits the bill! As San Diegans, we don’t fully understand the hubbub but we intend to find out — evidently Finn’s is one of the top of the line though!

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Eat & Drink

Lunch & Dinner

114 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011
12PM–5AM 7-days

We have several PetDeskers who raved about Artichoke Pizza last time they went to New York Vet. Artichoke pizza is different and tasty. Thick bread for crust, gigantic size, and weird toppings — this is the dream for a food tourist. Slice and a soda as cheap as $8. Making an entrance into the “New York Pizza Scene” isn’t easy, but Artichoke Basille’s Pizza did it.

290 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001
11:30AM–11PM 7-days

Have you ever wondered: “Why do we call it ‘new york pizza?” The folks at Lombardi’s will tell you it was them who invented it, and it was them too who were the first pizzeria in America. This was back in 1905. So come here for a blast from the past, and enjoy old school new york pizza from 114 years ago! 

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Eat & Drink


923 Eighth Avenue (b/n 54th & 55th) New York, NY 10019
4pm – 4am, 6 days a week. Closes at 2am on Sunday

Do you like shots? Dive bars? Spanish bars? All of the above? Then here’s your spot. Complete with a gimmick (fancy shots) and a quirky history, this place has all the trappings of a New York Dive. The story? Evidently, in Barcelona, there’s a story of an albino guerrilla that took shots after a long, hard day in the zoo. Come to this bar just to ask the bartender about this crazy story. 

10 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001
7AM–10PM mon-thur 7AM–11PM fri and sat

Three restaurants, some bars, scattered kiosks, and near the High-Line (see below) so you can walk off all those tapas! Come check out the new and fancy parts of New York! This looks like a lovely place to bring various people with various tastes — they’ll all find something that will bring them joy! 

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What to Do in the Big Apple

5861 High Line, New York, NY 10001
7AM–7PM 7-days

Opened in 2009, the High Line is an old freight rail line elevated above the streets. It was asked by neighborhood residents, and now New Yorkers (and tourists) can enjoy nature, art, and design along this extra long, and extra narrow park. 


Hudson Yards, New York, NY 1000

Gigantic, new development in New York. Press hails it’s mall as “the mall of the future.” Restaurants, shops, and a bunch of cool and modern architecture make this area a must-see for those who want to imagine what New York might look like 20, 30 years from now.

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