PetDesk Employee of the Month: Alfie the Poodle Mix
PetDesk News Dec 12, 2017

PetDesk Employee of the Month: Alfie the Poodle Mix


Alfie (Short for Alfred)

Age: (almost) 3 years

Sex: Male

Weight: 12.3 pounds

Breed: Poodle Mix

Fun Fact: I was named after Batman’s butler Alfred!

Alfie in the grass

Atlanta → San Diego

I was born and raised in Atlanta and lived there until I was about 6 months old. Boy, that summer was a hot one! My mom had a crazy idea of packing up and moving to sunny San Diego. I got to ride shotgun with my Auntie Jessica as we made that long drive, and I even hiked the rim of the Grand Canyon on the way (I’m small but that’s me in mom’s arms)!

Alfie at the Grand Canyon

As soon as I got to my new home and felt that cool ocean breeze on my whiskers I decided my mom wasn’t quite so crazy. I got a little excited our first trip to the beach and ended up getting so much sand in my eyes! I’m still not so sure about swimming in those ocean waves… maybe if mom buys me a wetsuit for my birthday (hint hint).

Finding My Way

After enjoying my first year and a half in San Diego as a stay at home dog, I decided it was time to bring home the bacon and get myself a job.

Alfie on the computerI submitted lots of applications, but unfortunately, I was missing some credentials and didn’t get too many offers. Luckily my mom had a great idea! She found a company that would let her bring me to work with her. I am so thankful to get to come to PetDesk every day and help motivate everyone (or provide the much-needed pet breaks).

Life at PetDesk

We work really hard at PetDesk, but we play hard too! I like to greet my fellow canine co-workers with my loud bark and make sure everyone is awake in the office. I don’t mean to scare anyone… but I get so excited!!

My mom dressed me up as a grumpy old man for Halloween, but there’s nothing grumpy about me!

Alfie dressed as an old man for halloween

Check out some of my awesome co-workers!

Alfie and his friends at the office

Luna and I love to play with my gerbil toy!

Alfie and his fellow dog friend at the office

Abigail isn’t sure about sharing a chair with me… but she does like eating my food!

Alfie smiling

I love coming to work every day. But there is one thing I love even more than that — getting home, taking my collar off, and snoozing on my pillow. Speaking of going home it’s about that time; hope you guys enjoyed reading about me!