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When you’re trying to run a smooth business at your veterinary clinic, a client missing their appointment or canceling at the last minute can put a real dent in your day, and impact the quality of care you provide to your patients.

PetDesk’s automated veterinary reminder system is here to make the risk of no-shows become no problem by keeping pet owners—and your schedule—on track, offering a better experience for everyone.

With so many veterinary teams benefiting from PetDesk’s automated veterinary reminder system, we’ve put together a few reasons why you should consider adding an efficient automated reminder system to your practice, too!

Reminders Ahead of Time Keep Veterinary Clients on Time

Being reminded about something with too little time to prepare is just as counterproductive as being reminded too far in advance.

PetDesk’s automated veterinary reminder system helps keep clients on time by reminding them about their appointment two days before they’re scheduled to come in. This provides pet parents with enough time to get ready for the appointment—whether that means ensuring they’ve taken off from work or collecting a pet sample as requested by the clinic—without being too early or too late of a notice.

The perfect heads-up keeps clients in the know ahead of their pet’s appointment to help them be on time every time, reducing no-shows and last-minute cancellations for your clinic.

Easily Communicate Your Veterinary Clinic’s Reminder, Their Way

With so much technology available, different people prefer different means of communicating with others, including how they interact with their veterinary practice.

PetDesk’s automated veterinary reminder system reaches pet owners wherever they are with the option to receive reminders through emails, text messages, push notifications from our mobile app, or even postcards by mail.

By letting clients choose their preferred communication channels—as well as providing them with the option to opt out of these channels separately—they’ll be more likely to respond to reminders or appointment confirmations, making it easier to communicate for everyone involved.

More Time Back for Your Veterinary Team

Automation has been a tricky topic in the workplace for many decades; too much or too little can negatively impact how a team or business operates. That’s why finding the right automated tools is crucial for sustaining operations and driving revenue.

PetDesk automates the veterinary reminder process to provide the perfect balance for your team members, giving them more time to focus on important tasks without having to keep calling pet owners about their next appointment.

Embracing PetDesk’s veterinary automated reminder system doesn’t mean replacing your employees with technology, it means giving them the ability to communicate easier, faster, and more efficiently. Plus, they’ll be able to focus more on the patients who are in the clinic now while having peace of mind that PetDesk’s automation is preventing future no-shows.

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Excellent Veterinary Client and Patient Experience

A veterinary automated reminder system doesn’t just help pet parents stay on top of their pet’s health needs, but also shows them that their preferred veterinary practice cares just as much for their pet’s well-being.

That’s because PetDesk’s automated reminder system lets you customize appointment reminders to include relevant pre-appointment information, like letting pet owners know that they need to bring in a urine or fecal sample for their pet’s visit. This strengthens the relationship between staff and clients, letting pet parents know that their time is valued and that their pet’s health needs are being prioritized through quick and thoughtful reminders.

Customizable automated reminders set clients and patients up for an exceptional veterinary experience; pet parents will be prepared for their appointment with all the information they need before their visit, while their pet will be happy with an efficient trip so they can return to their bone-chewing and toy-tossing hobbies even sooner.

Consistent Reminders Make for Consistent Business at your Veterinary Practice

It’s always a good feeling to receive a quick reminder about something you may have forgotten about, giving you a chance to add it to your calendar and prepare as needed. For pet owners, being reminded about their pet’s health care not only offers a good feeling, but also a great way of doing business.

PetDesk’s automated veterinary reminder system streamlines communication processes to provide all clients with consistent reminders. So, when a client has an upcoming appointment for their pet, they’ll get a timely heads-up from your practice right to their smartphone, every time. This consistency lets them know that your team is their partner throughout their pet’s health journey, and that your practice is a business they can rely on. 

Automated veterinary reminder systems are a great way of doing business by keeping clients consistently in the know, making your practice the clear go-to for their pet’s needs while also reducing your risk of no-shows.

All in all, PetDesk’s automated veterinary reminder system helps reduce no-shows, prevent last-minute cancellations, and provide a better clinic experience for everyone. Our timely, efficient, and consistent alerts keep pet owners on track and your clinic’s calendar full, offering thoughtful reminders to your clients while giving time back for staff to focus on quality in-clinic care.

Our automated reminder system is just one of the many features designed to streamline operations and enhance the overall experience for everyone in your veterinary clinic. To see what the PetDesk difference can specifically do for your practice, check out the full PetDesk solution on our website!

PetDesk’s Automated Veterinary Reminder System FAQs

Q. How does PetDesk’s automated veterinary reminder system help reduce no-shows at my veterinary practice?
A. PetDesk’s system sends reminders to clients two days prior to their appointments, giving them enough time to prepare without being too early or too late. By keeping clients informed and on time, it reduces the likelihood of no-shows and last-minute cancellations, ensuring a smoother experience for both your clinic and your clients.

Q. Can clients choose how they receive reminders from PetDesk’s automated system?
A. Yes, clients have the flexibility to receive reminders via email, text messages, push notifications from the mobile app, or even postcards by mail. By allowing clients to choose their preferred communication channels, PetDesk increases the likelihood of clients responding to reminders or appointment confirmations, ultimately facilitating better communication for everyone involved.

Q. Will PetDesk’s automated reminder system save time for my veterinary team?
A. Absolutely. PetDesk automates the reminder process, freeing up valuable time for your team members to focus on essential tasks without the need to manually contact pet owners about upcoming appointments. This automation enhances efficiency and allows your team to concentrate on providing quality care to patients currently in the clinic.

Q. How does PetDesk’s system contribute to an excellent client and patient experience?
A. PetDesk’s system allows for customizable appointment reminders, including relevant pre-appointment information such as reminders to bring in urine or fecal samples. This personalized approach demonstrates to clients that their time is valued and their pet’s health needs are prioritized, strengthening the relationship between your practice and its clients. 

Q. How does PetDesk ensure consistency in reminders for my veterinary practice?
A. PetDesk’s system ensures consistency by providing timely reminders to all clients via their preferred communication channels. By consistently keeping clients informed about upcoming appointments, your practice establishes itself as a reliable partner in their pet’s health journey, fostering trust and loyalty while minimizing the risk of no-shows.

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