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Whether you are looking into various solutions or hoping to learn best industry practices, we’ll share with you what we have learned along the way on staff efficiency and client engagement.

Our software syncs with your existing practice management system, like AVImark, Cornerstone and 20 others, to let you:

Horse, cat and bird clients talking to veterinarian at the practice

Spend less time on the phone and decrease no-shows

Our reminder and confirmation system takes into account that some of your clients have a love affair with their cellphones. We make it easy to keep track and contact your clients via email, text messages, push notifications, and even traditional postcards. We’ll also automate some of your communication to give your staff time for what matters most: providing high-quality care for pets.

Another advantage of opening new channels of communication with your clients is that you’ll see a decrease in the number of postcards you’re sending each month which translates to… more savings for your vet practice!

Empower your clients to be proactive about their pet’s health

Our free mobile app for pet health management opens up a new on-the-go channel of communication for vet practices. Designed with busy pet parents in mind, the app allows your clients to request appointments and medication refills 24/7, access their pets’ vaccine records, and receive reminders for recurring tasks, like regular flea treatments or grooming habits…

Your clients will love it but don’t take our word for it— check out our stellar rating on the app stores or ask any of our 500,000 app users.

Pig, cat and turtle client using their mobile phones
Client cat overwhelmed by so many channels of communication

Receive fewer incoming calls and provide a faster response

Our targeted message system automates the laborious work of reaching your clients while keeping your interactions personalized. Whether you’re sending a direct message to a specific pet parent or a promotional message to everyone, your clients will know their pets are your top priority. Our Customer Success team will arm you with best practices on exactly how to provide your clients with succinct and effective messaging.

You’re only a click away from letting clients know it’s time to pick up their pets or sending them a cute picture of your lovely patients.

Encourage your clients to visit you more often and spend more

Our loyalty program isn’t just an ordinary discount plan or punch card. It syncs with your practice management system and is available to your clients on our mobile app. Since you know your clients the best, our team will empower you with best industry practices so you can effectively customize your program’s incentives and increase client compliance.

Do you wish most of your clients bought their pets’ food and medications from you or your partners? Adding a loyalty plan to the mix can make that a reality for your practice.

Veterinarian increasing his clinic revenue with loyalty
Veterinarian that good an online review

Gain new clients by listening to your current clients

Our online review system asks your clients to provide you with actionable feedback. If the feedback is negative, we communicate it to you privately so that your team can use it to improve your practice. If the feedback is positive, we encourage your clients to write you a public Google review to endorse your clinic and attract new clients.

Getting more online reviews at publicly available sites is a big win for your online reputation and a great morale booster for your staff!

Client Communication Challenges Solved

Over 1,700 successful veterinary practices across the United States and Canada choose PetDesk.

Amazing customer service! The app alone is definitely worth it. PetDesk customer service is always available and has the friendliest representatives. The dashboard is super easy to use and the alerts for missing or incorrect information is foolproof.

Lacie R., Supervisor

My clients love PetDesk and I do too! I know that it has helped my clinic grow. I love the texting/direct message capability, my clients LOVE their reminders on their phone, and the ability to schedule appointments whenever they want. I also like the reviews it can generate.

Dr. Charly S, Veterinarian

PetDesk is awesome! We just started using it and love it! Efficiency is the main benefit. We no longer duplicate our work and everything we need is in one place so our team is able to easily do what's needed for our clients. How easy and efficient it makes everyone's job!

Bobbie G., Practice Manager

I love that clients can schedule and cancel appointments through the app. It greatly decreases the amount of phone traffic that we have while being convenient for the client.

Dr. Kristen H., Veterinarian

So far, our clients and staff love the PetDesk app. It has opened up new methods of communication with our clients, including adding a personal touch by sending pictures of their pets via text while visiting us...without our staff losing privacy or sharing their number.

Aimee D., Office Manager

I enjoy the ease of use and clean design of the dashboard and app. It was easy to get set up and started. I also really like that their customer service is great and they are always checking in with us, improving the software and adding new features.

Sara T., Practice Manager

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