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If you know heartworm awareness month is approaching, you can target people who are out of compliance or soon to be out of compliance. And reaching out to them through PetDesk cuts down on phone calls and the work of our CSRs on the back end. I can’t imagine life without a client-facing app like this. I mean, I know we existed without one before, but I don’t remember those days. I don’t think I want to remember those days!

- Michelle King, Communications Manager at Animalia

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Curious why practices switch to PetDesk?

Over 3,500 veterinary practices use PetDesk to assist their staff, expand their business, and guide clients to better care. With PetDesk’s 5-star rated mobile app, automated reminders, texting platform, and other engagement tools, clinics retain their best clients and find more clients just like them: for a less stressful, more successful clinic.