Loyalty Program Case Study

How a veterinary clinic was able to use client loyalty as a revenue generator. 


At this single doctor North American veterinary practice, 2 out of 3 new clients were spending $300 annually on their pet’s health care. Only 1 out of 3 of these new clients were spending $500 a year to take care of their pets.


To encourage new clients to spend more towards their pet’s well being, this vet clinic decided to implement a client communication platform that offered a solution for increasing client loyalty. The veterinary staff chose PetDesk, which in turn assigned a dedicated Implementation Specialist to work with the clinic. Together they set-up a customizable loyalty program for the clinic’s existing active client database. They tested and found best practices for client loyalty programs by tuning in to the clinic’s needs and integrating strategies that have been successful in other industries.


Six months after implementing the new loyalty program, this clinic saw a big difference in the spending habits of its customer base. Now, 2 out of 3 clients were spending more than $500, which increased the spending average by an additional $100 per client. Not only is the loyalty plan incentivizing new clients to spend more and come back more often, but existing clients that were previously exceptional spenders are now spending 20% more. By implementing the recommended best practices with a synced, customizable loyalty program, the clinic saw a 35% increase in revenue across all clients and gained $122,500 in additional revenue.

Client cat overwhelmed by so many channels of communication

Best Practices

1. Launch a loyalty program that syncs with your reminder system and your mobile app.

2. Get veterinary staff to mention the loyalty program to all clients.

3. Give “Welcome Points” equal in value to the first reward to all new loyalty clients.

4. Allow newly enrolled clients to redeem their first reward during that same visit.

Spend Increase by High Spenders


Increase in Revenue Across All Clients


Additional Annual Revenue Generated


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