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Scheduling calls, follow-up calls, ‘I was just wondering’ calls...coordinating with pet parents can be like herding cats. PetDesk tames the chaos with easy, modern, (even automated!) two-way communications for appointments and prescription refills to post-surgery updates and test results. Saving time that you can then devote to pets — now that’s the cat’s meow!

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Tired of Playing Phone Tag?

Tired of Playing Phone Tag?

Hectic client lifestyles mean phone calls rarely get through. Staff is left to call and call again. Telephone outreach is as repetitive as fetch but not nearly as fun–and it can dominate the workday on the front desk. Fortunately, there’s a better answer.

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Two-Way Messaging has saved our team so much time by minimizing callbacks and confirmations!

- Todd Practice Manager

Two-Way Messaging Saves Time

For years, Care-Pets Animal Hospital communicated with pet parents via the phone — resulting in over 70% of calls getting lost to voicemail. The team decided to spend less time on confirmations and more time making client connections!

Saved Per Week by Two-Way Messaging
Saved Per Month with Automation

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