PetDesk On-Demand Webinar

PetDesk & Vetter Software = Better Together for Veterinary Client Communication

Watch this webinar on-demand with Vetter and PetDesk where they cover the following topics for inquiring veterinary minds:

  • Introduction to PetDesk
  • Reducing stress for your staff with digital appointment requests and confirmations
  • Improving client communication and reach with automated reminders and mass messaging
  • Streamlining curbside services with direct confirmations and two-way messaging and writebacks
  • Current PetDesk/Vetter Customer Case Study

“Any client that has confirmed back-in appointments with us we have not had a no-show. The few that maybe do cancel because they can’t get the cat in the carrier or whatever it is (that does happen) but, the typical “no call/no show” kind of a thing has not happened when we have them confirming back with us. So it works great in our opinion!” 

– Ashley, Practice Manager

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