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PetDesk is passionate about developing easy-to-use communication software to free up more time to do what you do best:

Help clients and heal pets.

The PetDesk Experience Gets You

  Custom Onboarding

Get up and running in as little as a few hours with an implementation tailored to your practice.

Staff Training

Training individualized for your practice reduces time wasted by focusing on your specific needs.

Live Chat & Phone Support

Industry-leading response time means when you need something, our team will be there to help you fast.

Powerful Features, Proven Results

Veterinarian and staff using best practices

Implement telemedicine at your practice with Virtual Care

When you need a live view of the patient, or when you want to deliver care no matter where your clients are, turn to Video Chat powered by Twilio. Our secure video calls allow you to deliver a personalized experience and strengthen the veterinarian-client bond.

Two-Way Messaging is the perfect way to maintain communication with clients. Providing care can be more convenient and personal:

  • Conduct rechecks in appropriate situations
  • Perform triage for behavioral or dermatological issues
  • Deliver recommendations, estimates, and invoices
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Reach clients on the channel of their choice with PetDesk Messaging

Reach all of your clients on the channel of their choice. With PetDesk Messaging, you can stay engaged with your clients by sending customized communication about topics that are important to them. Your messages can include:

  • Photos
  • Video Clips
  • PDFs

With our tools, you can send one-way communications with Mass Messaging about promotions or business updates, or utilize Two-Way Messaging to take the guesswork out of routine updates, medication refill notifications, and negative test results, allowing your clients to communicate with you on their time.

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Client cat overwhelmed by so many channels of communication
Horse, cat and bird clients talking to veterinarian at the practice

Spend less time on the phone and decrease no-shows with Reminders & Confirmations

We designed our reminder and confirmation system with the knowledge that many of your clients are rarely without their cellphones. We make it easy to keep track and contact your clients via:

  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Push notifications
  • Postcards

By opening new channels of communication with your clients, you will see a decrease in client no-shows, reminder and confirmation phone calls, and money spent on postcards.

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Give your clients the convenience of online Appointment Requests

Provide your staff with a convenient appointment system that works alongside your current practice management software. Offer your clients more choices for appointment requests. Our appointment system can help:

  • Process appointment requests with our easy-to-use dashboard
  • Enable clients to request appointments when it is convenient for them
  • Send appointment confirmations automatically

Our customers see an increase in new clients, simplified scheduling, and decreased call volume after implementing our system.

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Veterinarian and staff using best practices
Pig, cat and turtle client using their mobile phones

Empower clients to be proactive about pet health with the 5-Star Mobile Health App

Our 5-star rated Mobile Health App lets your clients take control of their pets’ health and connect with you when and how they want. All from one app, your clients will be able to:

  • Request and confirm appointments
  • Refill medications
  • Access pet health records
  • Create reminders for recurring pet health tasks

Over 1.4 million app users manage their pet’s health with the PetDesk app, and with over 100,000 reviews on the Apple App and Google Play stores, we are continually improving the App for both you and your clients.

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Keep your clients coming back with a customized Loyalty Program

Our Customer Success Team knows that not all veterinary practices are the same, which is why they will work with you to create a loyalty program that’s customized to your clinic and clients’ needs. Your unique loyalty program will:

  • Increase the number of client visits per year
  • Increase the average spend per client visit
  • Increase overall annual revenue

Our loyalty program syncs with your veterinary practice management system and is available to your clients through the PetDesk mobile app.

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Veterinarian increasing his clinic revenue with loyalty

Thanks to Uncharted, Your First Month of PetDesk is Free

We believe that technology is only as good as the results you get from it. Speak to one of our Practice Management Consultants to see how your practice could benefit from our powerful and easy to use solutions.

Client Communication Challenges Solved

Over 2,000 successful veterinary practices across North America choose PetDesk.

Amazing customer service! The app alone is definitely worth it. PetDesk customer service is always available and has the friendliest representatives. The dashboard is super easy to use and the alerts for missing or incorrect information is foolproof.

Lacie R., Supervisor

My clients love PetDesk and I do too! I know that it has helped my clinic grow. I love the texting/direct message capability, my clients LOVE their reminders on their phone, and the ability to schedule appointments whenever they want. I also like the reviews it can generate.

Dr. Charly S, Veterinarian

PetDesk is awesome! We just started using it and love it! Efficiency is the main benefit. We no longer duplicate our work and everything we need is in one place so our team is able to easily do what's needed for our clients. How easy and efficient it makes everyone's job!

Bobbie G., Practice Manager

I love that clients can schedule and cancel appointments through the app. It greatly decreases the amount of phone traffic that we have while being convenient for the client.

Dr. Kristen H., Veterinarian

So far, our clients and staff love the PetDesk app. It has opened up new methods of communication with our clients, including adding a personal touch by sending pictures of their pets via text while visiting us...without our staff losing privacy or sharing their number.

Aimee D., Office Manager

I enjoy the ease of use and clean design of the dashboard and app. It was easy to get set up and started. I also really like that their customer service is great and they are always checking in with us, improving the software and adding new features.

Sara T., Practice Manager

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