5 Stars & 4 Paws: The Ongoing Chase for Perfection

How focusing on the customer can increase loyalty, revenue, and pet health

The Veterinary industry is quickly changing.

Customer needs are changing, expectations on pet health and wellness are shifting, and pets have quickly become an integral part of the family structure. What has not changed are the benefits of focusing on your customers, anticipating their needs, and providing value at every opportunity to improve loyalty and retention.

In this 50-minute pre-recorded discussion, our panel of experts explores how veterinary professionals can deliver a 5-star experience through a better understanding of their customers to improve the health of 4-legged family members.

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Aaron Wallace, DVM MBA


Kimberly Ness


Adam Christman, DVM MBA


Stephanie Foster

Exceed Client Expectations

Give clients what they are looking for while meeting medical needs

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Our top-notch panelists will discuss how they have given clients the experience that they deserve:

What does it mean to be client-centric?

You put your heart into providing an exceptional experience for clients. As a veterinary professional, how can you create a lasting relationship with them?

How can my practice adapt to change?

It is vital to meet the needs of clients. What can you do to enhance the ability of your practice to make changes that are beneficial for clients?

How do clients adopt new technology?

Change can be difficult for anyone. When a practice introduces new technology, should you expect a lag period or resistance from clients adopting the new tool?

Meet the Panel

Aaron Wallace, DVM MBA

With over 15 years of veterinary experience, Dr. Aaron Wallace has a unique perspective on veterinary innovation and strategy. He is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Lacuna Diagnostics Inc, the industry leader in veterinary digital cytology solutions. Their innovative changes have decreased client stress and improved staff efficiency.

Aaron is interested in how technology and business can improve patient outcomes and how human medical technology can be further leveraged in veterinary medicine.

Kimberly Ness

For 20+ years, Kimberly Ness has been at the nexus of animal health companies, veterinarians, and consumers. She is a marketing strategist and consultant, and her client roster has included the top 10 animal health companies in therapeutics, preventives, nutrition, diagnostics, and pet insurance. As a founding team member of Diggo, the first syndicated research created specifically for clinics, Kimberly has experience as a co-author, contributing author, and a speaker.

Kimberly is an advocate for bringing the unbiased voice of pet owners to practices and leading the development of insight-rich reports.

Adam Christman, DVM MBA

Dr. Adam Christman, the host of “The Dr. Christman Show” on YouTube, is an author, adjunct professor, social media personality, and national speaker. This proud owner of 4 adorable dachshunds is also the treasurer and board member for the NJVMA.

Dr. Christman takes great pride in discussing the pet parent experience in today’s modern world and enjoys sharing similar ideologies to that of the Disney Model.

Stephanie Foster 

Stephanie Foster has 18 years of experience in the veterinary profession and an additional 5 years of management experience. Now working as an independent consultant for veterinary practices, she is energetic and passionate about helping all levels of veterinary practices succeed.

Stephanie has a talent for developing solutions that move the needle by understanding the financial implications of the decisions businesses make.