Webinar: The Future of Client Communication in the Veterinary Industry

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Join Dr. Rance Hampton and Sam Schopler for their 20-minute discussion on the changing landscape of client communication and how veterinary practices can leverage these trends to keep their clients happy and patients healthy.

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Dr. Rance Hampton, DVM
Practice Management Consultant

Sam Schopler
Director of Continuing Education

The veterinary industry is trailing behind other industries in client communication technology. Learn how you can stay ahead!

During this 20-minute webinar, you’ll learn to:
Solve Problems with Current Communication Practices

Postcards are great – but should not be your first resort. How are other industries connecting with their clients and what success have they seen?

Understand and Adapt to Consumer Behaviors

With the advent of smartphones, consumer behaviors are rapidly changing. How are your clients’ preferences morphing and how should your staff respond?

Stay Ahead of Communication Trends in the Vet Space

Technology is revolutionizing healthcare. What are the trends that will shake up the veterinary industry and how can your staff be prepared?

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Rance Hampton, DVM

Practice Management Consultant

Rance Hampton, DVM decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine at the age of 12, working in veterinary hospitals while attending high school. Falling in love with the profession, he earned a BS in Biology and a degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University. His career interests include preventative medicine, emergency medicine, and surgery in small animal practices.

Dr. Hampton’s focus shifted to client communication after experiencing firsthand the barriers veterinarians face when trying to practice preventative medicine and how technology could help bridge the gap between pet care providers and pet parents.

Sam Schopler

Director of Continuing Education

Sam can trace back his passion for animals and medicine to his father and aunts, who are all DVMs. He spent several years in the biology research field and moved to Madagascar to work with lemurs. In 2015, he decided to join PetDesk as its mission—to extend the lives of pets—aligned perfectly with his own. Sam has coached hundreds of veterinary practices on how to use technology for staff efficiency and client engagement.

Currently, Sam is going back to school to become a veterinarian and will continue to act as a liaison between the veterinary community and PetDesk.