The Practice Happy System: A Free Workbook

Create a Customized Plan for Improving Your Practice in 2021

Liberate Your Front Desk & Get Back to Happy

COVID-19 showed how resilient veterinary businesses are. It also showed the limits of phone-dependent front desks. With the influx of curbside calls to and from your front desk, staff were overwhelmed and clients were often left hanging.

If you’re like thousands of other veterinary practices, you and your team improvised, added tools, and did everything you could to get through the day. As your team turns the page on 2020, it’s time to put a plan behind your communication and take back control of the changes.

Get the most out of your current tools
Even out your staff’s increasing workload
Proactively plot your practice’s growth
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Get Back to Happy
Refresh Your Client Communication Plan

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This workbook includes:

An exhaustive list of all the communication tools available to veterinary practices

You’ll be able to identify what you are working with, plus additional ideas you may not have considered.

The tools to map common client questions and frequent calls your staff makes

Make sure your staff is being utilized to the best of your ability, and that clients have the best experience possible.

A set of targeted questions to plot your practice’s course through 2021

Answer thought-provoking questions to help you take action tomorrow, next month, and beyond.

A Workbook to Help You Solve Your Practice’s Problems

With 2020 gladly behind us, it’s time to take back control of the changes and put a plan behind your client communication.

Combining a complete catalog of client communication tools available to veterinary practices, plus a list of the reasons clients call (or you call clients), this workbook will help you put pen to paper and visualize your practice’s communication strategy – and then help you identify how to move forward. Your staff and your clients will thank you!