Technology with COVID-19 Pandemic

Navigating technology in the veterinary practice during this unprecedented time

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, altering how we live and work, veterinary practices are tasked with using technology now more than ever. Some practices may already be well versed in how technology can improve client communication and streamline administrative tasks within a hospital. Others haven’t made much of a leap yet.

Regardless of which group your practice falls into, it’s important to understand how technology can play a vital role now and moving forward. And there are more ways than you might think.

During this free live webinar, presented by dvm360 and sponsored by PetDesk, attendees will learn:

  • Best practices for using telemedicine during the pandemic
  • How to navigate your clients’ response to technology
  • How using technology can improve your business when the pandemic ends
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What Is Telemedicine and Why Should You Use It?

What is its role during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how can it improve your business in the future?

Meet the Speakers

Adam Christman, DVM, MBA

Dr. Adam Christman is the Chief Veterinary Officer for MJH Life Sciences, overseeing such content as dvm360, Fetch conferences & other veterinary multimedia platforms. He received his DVM degree from Iowa State University and his MBA degree from Aspen University. Dr. Christman has been in private practice for 17 years and is the proud dog dad to 4 dachshunds. He has co-authored a book on dogs with disabilities. Dr. Christman is a national speaker on customer service, has been featured in multiple publications and on various talk and radio shows throughout the country.

Aaron Wallace, DVM, MBA

With over 15 years of veterinary experience, Dr. Aaron Wallace has a unique perspective on veterinary innovation and strategy. He is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Lacuna Diagnostics Inc, the industry leader in veterinary digital cytology solutions. Their innovative changes have decreased client stress and improved staff efficiency. Aaron is interested in how technology and business can improve patient outcomes and how human medical technology can be further leveraged in veterinary medicine.

Danielle Lambert

Danielle is a former veterinary practice manager turned total veterinary marketing mogul. In 2012, she founded to give bold veterinary businesses & brands the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly noisy landscape. Over 20,000 veterinary professionals across the world have accessed her guides, courses, and webinars. As a female entrepreneur, Danielle is especially passionate about supporting and empowering women in veterinary medicie.

Jessica Vogelsang, DVM

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang is a veterinarian, author, and communications consultant from San Diego, California. As the founder of Pawcurious Media back in 2009, she was one of the first veterinarians to enter into the online space. She was an early adopter in blogging, social media, telemedicine, and now podcasting with her mythbusting series What the Woo. Her debut bestselling memoir All Dogs Go to Kevin was featured in USA Today. You can find her at

Samuel Schopler

With a father and aunt as DVMs, he has always been around animals and medicine. After spending several years in research biology (mostly lemurs in Madagascar), the natural next step was to help build an innovative technology company dedicated to the veterinary industry. In the nearly five years that he has been at PetDesk, he has largely dedicated his efforts towards engaging the industry on the company’s behalf. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative opportunities, he brings in-depth knowledge of vet-med back to the staff of PetDesk to keep the team true to the mission of extending the lives of pets.

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