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How a proactive staff can unlock more revenue in your veterinary practice

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Improve the Client Experience

There’s a proactive way to engage with your clients and make your staff’s workload more meaningful—it’s called Customer Success.

To teach you how to bring Customer Success to your veterinary practice and truly empower both your staff and clients for success, PetDesk CEO, Taylor Cavanah, hosted a panel during New York Vet with the following leaders in the veterinary industry:

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Ann Sprys, NVA

Ann Sprys
Hospital Administrator, NVA

Dr. Jed Rogers, Firehouse Animal Health Centers

Jed Rogers, DVM
CEO, Firehouse Animal Health Centers

Ronald Butler, 3 hospitals

Ron Sosa
General Manager, 3 hospitals

Take a more proactive approach and help set your clients up for success.

Meet Customer Success, the proactive methodology that is replacing customer service and revolutionizing one industry at a time.

During our 50-minute online session, you’ll learn:
The difference between Customer Service and Customer Success

They sound very similar, but they are drastically different ideas. So, how can you tell them apart and why does it matter?

Actionable tactics to implement Customer Success at your clinic

Customer Success is a rising methodology. It works for other industries, but how can it be applied to a veterinary practice?

How will Customer Success bring you more revenue generating opportunities

With increased customer loyalty and low staff turnover, Customer Success can connect your practice back to its initial mission.

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Your staff is passionate about animals and they know the best way to help them is to communicate with their caretakers—that’s why they spend most of their days swamped taking client calls, handling emergencies, or explaining procedures to concerned pet parents. Though your staff is working hard, their customer service efforts are mostly reactive, which can lead to a subpar customer experience and even high staff turnover.

By being more proactive about your clients’ success, your clients will be more loyal to your practice. You’ll see this reflected in an increased number of visits to your clinic and an increase in spending per visit. Now that’s one rewarding way to increase revenue for your veterinary practice!

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