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Prioritize Your Pet’s Health

PetDesk’s pet health mobile app

Taking care of a furry family member isn’t easy. There are so many things to remember and keep track of! With PetDesk’s Pet Health Mobile App, all of your pet’s health and care information is organized and accessible right from the palm of your hand.

Connect with your pet care providers, request appointments, get reminders, and access everything you need to prioritize your pet’s health in just a few taps. Say goodbye to paper notes and to-do lists, and never worry about missing an appointment again.

Pet Insurance 101

Compare pet insurance quotes

Curious about pet insurance but not quite sure where to start? Learn how pet insurance works, receive free quotes, and get customized and flexible plans with PetDesk.

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One app for all your pet health and care needs

Free mobile app

Our popular app for pet parents is completely free on Apple and Android devices.

24/7 appointment requests

Does your pet care provider offer PetDesk? Request an appointment anytime, anywhere, with just one tap.

All-in-one access

Add and quickly view your vet, groomer, boarding facility, daycare center, and more. You can add multiple pets to the app and access everything in one place!

Medical history

Track appointments, vaccinations, lab results, prescriptions, and more. Everything you need to know about your pet’s health is easily accessible in the app.

Appointment reminders

Avoid missed appointments and no-show fees by receiving reminders via email, text, or app.

Pet health reminders

Set reminders for a variety of pet health needs, from medications and treatments to exercise and healthy eating.

Calendar integration

Connect the app to your calendar so appointments and reminders are easily available at any moment.

Personalized to-dos

Create and store important notes, to-dos, and even photos to keep your pet’s care on track.

Get pet insurance

Compare pet insurance quotes specifically designed for your pet directly in the app.

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“Such an easy and hassle-free way to request med refills, make appointments, etc… All in all an excellent app that makes managing your pet’s needs very easy. Two paws up for me!”

Dedicated Pet Parent

App Store Review – 5 Stars