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Empower your practice group with robust data on all of your veterinary hospitals’ client communication activity with PetDesk.

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“This problem [client compliance] is as old as veterinary medicine. So we were surprised and thrilled that PetDesk’s solution worked so seamlessly to help solve it for us. We have rolled this process out to our entire group of hospitals this year, and we are excited to see the results!”

Director of OperationsCorporate Veterinary Group

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Powerful Features

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Compliance Reporting

Track the performance and effectiveness of implemented reminders. Over time, leverage booking data based on appointment reminders to improve client compliance for pet health.

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Enterprise-Level Control

Create a direct line of support to your hospitals from one location with mass messaging capabilities that help communicate important messages, control messaging, and drive additional visits with campaigns and special announcements.

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Client Journey Awareness

Improve client communication and preferences with pixel tracking by clearly understanding individual client journeys from each of your veterinary hospitals and use these insights to increase retention, compliance, and revenue.

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Pet Parent Insights

Build a more positive client experience, boost loyalty and ensure pets stay healthy by tracking insights such as: App user experience and how app usage drives compliance, insured status, and financial preparedness. 

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Professional Services

Gain a true ally who’s on your side with PetDesk professional services. Partner with a dedicated team that will help you dig into the data and build reports that give you a complete picture on your hospitals and set you up for success.

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Customer Success

We’re not just a veterinary client communication platform. We’re a partner you can trust to see you through to success. Receive 1-on-1 onboarding support and customize hospital journeys for each of your locations.

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