How It Works

Discover just how transformational PetDesk solutions are! You’ll be equipped with support, software, and efficiency to enable staff to provide the best care possible for patients as well as for their own overall wellbeing and happiness.

Simple Set-Up

Our technology is so easy to set up, you could have your dog do it. With the integrated implementation and PIMS syncing, you can build a dashboard of your own to customize an all-in-one offering fit to your unique needs.

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End-to-end Support

Our all-encompassing support model ensures that everyone involved in pet care feels that they aren’t facing stressors alone. From a dedicated Customer Success Team for the hospital to technological solutions for the staff, we’re here to care for you while you care for the pets.

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Increased Efficiency

Strong client and staff relationships are essential to the success of a clinic. With fast and simple communication between clients and hospitals, the overall happiness of everyone will be through the roof and you won’t be able to stop tails from wagging!

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Engaging Communication

Your pet parents will be jumping for joy about how easy it is to get in touch with the hospital and how engaging the communication options are. Your relationship-building efforts will be a breeze—even for the most technologically challenged pet parents!

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Very easy to use for a busy business owner and client. The customization for clients is great! Having an app readily available to reach clients through their smartphone is AMAZING! I love that it links to my existing POS software to download appointments. Having the flexibility to change appointment times/hours instantly is very useful as well!

- Leel M. Clinic Owner

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