Why PetDesk?

Why PetDesk?

Thousands of veterinary practices use PetDesk to assist their staff, expand their business, and guide clients to better care. With PetDesk's 5-star rated mobile app, automated reminders, texting platform, and other engagement tools, clinics retain their best clients that put care first and find more "CareFirst" clients just like them. All for a less stressful, more successful clinic.

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Combatting the “Commoditization” of Care

Where clients used to take pet health questions to their local vet, or ask friends and family for referrals, they’re now taking them to the Internet by looking to Google or Yelp for guidance. Even big-box retailers like Walmart are now offer annual exams and deworming, taking independent clinics out of the equation.

Instead of seeing veterinary care as a high-value, unique service for pets, many clients now just view care as a commodity – cheap and fast.

We believe that care should not be a commodity. And PetDesk gives clinics the tools to fight back.


PetDesk Helps Clinics Help Clients Put
“Care First”

Let’s face it; Clients that see care as a commodity are your worst clients: they spend less, they schedule less, and they make clinic life stressful. PetDesk helps clinics help clients prioritize care, and put care first. These “CareFirst” clients are your favorite clients: they’re on top of annual exams, they buy prescriptions and food from your clinic, and they make clinic life fun. 


In other words, PetDesk helps to convert “Commodity” clients to “CareFirst” clients.

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A Platform to Guide Clients to Better Care

PetDesk provides a clinic’s clients with a single app for their pets’ health, and connects clients with their clinic so they can make more informed pet health decisions. (In other words: they take their questions to you, not Dr. Google). Rather than playing by other platforms’ rules that weren’t built for vets⁠⁠—like Google and Facebook⁠—clinics use PetDesk to take on a more proactive advising role with their clients and guide them to more services for better care.

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A More Predictable, Profitable Schedule

Achieve a more predictable, profitable schedule by sending targeted campaigns, newsletters, and other promotions alongside routine reminders. PetDesk’s Loyalty program also increases visit frequency and encourages clients to spend more at each visit. Clients that participate in loyalty programs spend up to 35% more with your clinic annually!

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Give Clinic Staff a Breather

Free up time for clinic staff to give clients a better experience by giving them tools that free up phone lines, take payments asynchronously, allow clients to request appointments, and automatically confirm client appointments.

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Outsource Difficult Conversations

Pet insurance can be a touchy subject, but research shows that clients with pet insurance spend up to 92% more on vet care! So let PetDesk handle those hard conversations around pet insurance: we give your clients access to an insurance marketplace and educational content so they make the best decision for their financial situation

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Very easy to use for a busy business owner and client. The customization for clients is great! Having an app readily available to reach clients through their smartphone is AMAZING! I love that it links to my existing POS software to download appointments. Having the flexibility to change appointment times/hours instantly is very useful as well!

- Leel M. Clinic Owner

Are You Ready to Change the Lives of Your Staff and Pets?

Are You Ready to Change the Lives of Your Staff and Pets?

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