Meet PetDesk

Like you, we’re dedicated animal lovers, and we’re committed to improving the quality of their care.

The Three Laws of PetDesk


The First Law

PetDesk will extend and improve the lives of pets.


The Second Law

PetDesk will extend and improve the lives of pet care providers as long as that doesn’t conflict with the first law.


The Third Law

PetDesk will extend and improve the lives of its people as long as that doesn’t conflict with the first or second law.

Here at PetDesk, we’re inspired by you — the healthcare professionals that tirelessly work to improve the lives of animals, everywhere. We understand the unique challenges the industry faces, and we’re passionate about providing solutions that support veterinary staff, pet parents, and pets.

team member using PetDesk software at their office desk

Since founding the company in 2013, we’ve made it our mission to build technology that helps you better connect with pet parents. The end result? Stronger communication and improved client relationships, so more pets receive the care they need to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Alongside the insight and expertise of our Advisory Council, chaired by Eleanor Green, DVM, we’re proud to continue spearheading conversations about improving and extending pet lives. In a nutshell, we help remove the barriers that stand in the way of you delivering world-class care to your patients.

Our vision is to generate 10 million additional years of pet life over the next ten years and collect the data to prove it. To get there, we follow The Three Laws of PetDesk, which are non-negotiable and give us the North Star we always need to make the right decisions.


Empower & respect vulnerability

As the core value underpinning an inclusive and diverse work environment, we bring our whole selves to work: We ask for help, celebrate failures, and seek to understand. When we are vulnerable, we grow faster, progress further, and engage deeper.

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closeup of back of PetDesk t-shirt that reads Follow me to guide your clients to better care

Do more, leave fulfilled

We show up with an insatiable hunger and relentless drive to move the company and ourselves forward. We celebrate our accomplishments, success, failures, and learning. We go home content, recharge, and do it all over again the next day.


Unleash curiosity

Every step forward starts with a question. We cultivate curiosity by encouraging an understanding of all aspects of PetDesk so we can contribute and make the greatest impact possible.

PetDesk team member at trade show
PetDesk team member smiling at trade show

Deliver unexpected joy

We go out of our way to create “Wow!” moments and exceed expectations, whether we are helping customers and their pets, team members, or the community.

our story

Our story

PetDesk was founded by three friends and entrepreneurs, Taylor Cavanah, Ken Tsui, and Aaron Bannister. Together, they shared a bold mission to revolutionize the way that veterinary clinics connect with their clients — pet parents.

But why did a physicist, computer engineer, and web developer decide to join forces and build new technology for veterinary clinics? It almost didn’t turn out that way. The friends started their journey by building technology for a different business altogether. And it was only by chance that they realized they could solve a much bigger problem in the veterinary space.

At the time, all three friends were working from home. They were under pressure to make a success of their new startup and had only their pets to keep them sane. One day, Taylor noticed that his beloved Shi Tzu, Molly Sue, was missing an eyebrow, and her paws were all chewed up. She’d been a constant companion while he worked from home, yet somehow he’d been ignoring her health and not getting her the care she needed.

Sparked by the realization that the technology they’d been working on could be used to improve the health of pets, Taylor, Ken, and Aaron decided to take a chance on their big idea. The problem was clear: the veterinary industry was far behind the technology curve, and there was no easy way for pet parents to take control of their pet’s care.

So, the team started building technology to solve the problem of requesting appointments. At the time, only 9% of vets were using text messaging, while 65% of dentists were using SMS. With better technology in place, they knew that they could open the lines of communication to improve the lives of veterinary staff, pet parents, and pets everywhere.

Fast forward to today, and PetDesk continues to create new technology that helps veterinary clinics connect with their clients and build better relationships. We’re more than a veterinary communication platform. We’re a team of dedicated pet lovers who are committed to your success.