Our Story

Meet PetDesk

We work in the best industry in the world building technology for Care Providers of the best beings in the world – our pets. We help keep pets healthy, happy, and give them more time to play with their owners – us!

Dog and cat illustration.

Treating our local business customers like family.

We stand up for local businesses in the face of corporate giants, winning their loyalty by being amazing service providers and one of the first providers to not require a contract.

Alongside the insight and expertise of our Advisory Council, chaired by Eleanor Green, DVM, we are proud to continue spearheading conversations about improving and extending pet lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve pet health by helping pet parents stay current and pet care providers stay connected. We support local pet care businesses, conscientious pet parents, and all of those amazing animal companions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to generate 10 million additional years of pet life over the next ten years and have the data to prove it.

Three Laws of PetDesk


PetDesk will extend and improve the lives of pets.


PetDesk will improve the lives of pet care providers as long as that doesn’t conflict with the first law.


PetDesk will keep its employees content as long as that doesn’t conflict with the first or second law.

Our Eight Values

Deliver unexpected joy in service

Every PetDesk employee is a customer success advocate first. We go out of our way to exceed expectations whether we are helping customers, team members, or the community at large.

Be curious and promote learning

We are constantly learning. We learn as much as we can about our customers. We learn about our business. We learn about ourselves and each other. We can’t stop ourselves from learning.

Practice radical candor openly

We foster a culture of praise and criticism so employees get real guidance as they build a successful career here. We do this with open communication between everyone – including our customers.

Be transparent in all things

There are a lot of snake-oil sales companies in this space and we are not one of them. We do what we promise, are transparent in all things, and respect pet care professionals for what they do best – care.

Be a passionate owner of the company

We give employees as much responsibility as they want and the tools to be successful. They are accountable for the rest. We love getting things done and being around people who do too.

Make data-driven decisions

Your gut is valuable but we make decisions based on facts and data. We take the same approach with our customers and give them the data to make critical decisions about their business.

Foster growth through coaching

We believe that everyone should and can continue to grow. Everyone has a coach in the company and practices self-coaching. We even bring these principles to our approach with customers.

Collaborate with everyone

We’re constantly working together within and across departments to best serve our customers and we love it. We team up with our partners and customers to drive change in the industry and in ourselves.

Our Leadership

Taylor Cavanah

CEO, Founder

Ken Tsui

CTO, Founder

Aaron Bannister

CCSE, Founder