PetDesk, Vetstoria, WhiskerCloud, and Kontak have come together as PetDesk—a unified solution built to help you connect with clients better.

PetDesk app - two-way text messaging view on desktop screen
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PetDesk app - provider view on phone screen

How PetDesk Can Help Your Clinic Succeed:

📱 Enhanced Communication: Connect with clients effortlessly through two-way messaging, appointment reminders, and notifications.

🌐 Smart Scheduling: Optimize your appointments, reduce no-shows, and increase revenue with our seamless booking system.

📞 Elevated Online Presence: Improve your visibility and online footprint with a custom website, SEO, analytics, and more.

📅 Streamlined Phone System: Say goodbye to tangled phone lines with our innovative Smart VoIP system.

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This confidential demo request is for Veterinary Professionals looking to explore the functionality of PetDesk. If you are a pet parent looking for more information on the PetDesk Mobile App feel free to visit our Help Center or contact your Local Veterinary Practice directly.

*$75 Visa Gift Card offer is valid for new and existing customers (PetDesk, WhiskerCloud, and Vetstoria), independently owned in the U.S. and Canada, who book and complete a 45-minute PetDesk product demo by August 31, 2024. The first two months free are eligible for purchasing any additional PetDesk product by August 31, 2024. Two months free is only eligible on the newly purchased product (excludes existing product value).Exclusions: Cannot be combined with other promos. Communication tax and certain exclusions may apply. Corporately owned clinics are not eligible.