5 Ideas on Improving Your Relationship with Vet Clients
Veterinary Communication & Efficiency Oct 14, 2021

5 Ideas on Improving Your Relationship with Vet Clients


Maintaining relationships with clients has been key to the success of vet hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as COVID protocols are being reduced across the United States allowing many hospitals to reopen, practices are looking for ways to adapt to the “new normal” and streamline daily operations while keeping their clients front and center. Here are 5 ideas that will help your practice improve those all-important client relationships in the midst of a changing veterinary landscape.

1) Accurate Contact Information in Your PIMS 

Veterinary practice management software (PIMS) helps you deal with the day-to-day running of your vet hospital. With a PIMS, you can typically manage tasks like printing postcard reminders and sending email reminders to your clients.

Accurate contact information is the lifeblood of any PIMS. To avoid missed interactions that can harm client relationships, it’s important to keep your PIMS accurate and up to date. Accurate contact information in PIMS also ensures that the system can integrate seamlessly with PetDesk. Adding PetDesk on top of your PIMS boosts the capabilities of the system and makes client communication easier and more personalized. It also saves staff time and improves overall efficiency. 

2) Website & Facebook

Your website and Facebook page are essential for making announcements and engaging with your community. They can also be used to keep clients updated about your changing operational protocols. Set expectations with new and returning clients about what to expect from your practice. You could use a popup on the homepage, a banner, or a special page to achieve this objective.

You can also offer clients the convenience of online appointment scheduling to improve relationships and keep them coming back to your practice. PetDesk’s web requester easily integrates into your practice’s website to make scheduling simple and convenient. It’s a great way to offer your clients 24/7 online scheduling while reducing the time your staff spends fielding calls to set, cancel, and reschedule appointments. 

3) Mass Messages

Improve and maintain client relationships by getting messages out fast and communicating to your clients about what’s going on, especially if there are changes. PetDesk’s mass messaging feature allows you to send one-way messages (aka push notifications and emails) to your clients and reach them where they’re at – on their smartphones.

You can use mass messaging to send information about operational changes, promotions, limited time offers, business updates, or anything else it’s important for your clients to know. PetDesk’s mass messaging analytics make it easy to keep track of how many people you sent the message to (Sent), the total number of people who received the message (Delivered), and who opened the emails (Opened). You can also track which individuals clicked on a link within the email (Clicks).

Your veterinary practice likely has a number of clients with pets that require additional care beyond traditional services such as vaccines and checkups – for example, elderly patients that you offer special screenings for or introducing a lifestyle vaccine just for dogs. PetDesk can help you engage these clients by sending messages to remind them of their appointments and offer resources, new promotions, or other services (such as veterinary house calls) related to the care they require.

4) Two-Way Messaging

PetDesk’s two-way messaging feature makes it easy to connect with millennials, who represent the biggest share of pet owners in the United States. Millennial clients are more adept at using technology and text messaging versus phone calls.

Two-way messaging makes communication convenient and accessible for both your staff and clients. It’s ideal for post-exam follow-ups and rechecks, notifying clients when medications are ready for pick-up, easing patient concerns when routine lab results are favorable, and acknowledging and rescheduling appointment cancellations.

Utilizing two-way messaging is a simple and effective way to connect with your clients and manage their expectations. After receiving a message, clients can respond quickly via the PetDesk client app on their smartphone or tablet. You can even create templates that are applicable to common occurrences to cut down on routine calls and free up staff time.

5) Virtual Care

Virtual care is the ideal solution for assisting clients who may not be able to travel. PetDesk’s secure video chat feature allows you to deliver a personalized experience, no matter where your clients are. Virtual care appointments with video chat can be scheduled easily through the PetDesk dashboard, and clients can join when you’re ready straight from the PetDesk Mobile App.

Combined with two-way messaging, your practice can provide convenient and personalized care to clients remotely. And since everything is integrated into the PetDesk dashboard, it’s easy to maintain lasting relationships without introducing another dashboard to check.

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