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With over 2,000 veterinary clinics currently using PetDesk, we’ve had one common request from our customers: the ability to see appointment confirmed from PetDesk reflected within their practice management system.

In addition to checking their PetDesk dashboard, our customers had to check their practice management software to see which appointments had been confirmed for that day. That was before: with the new Direct Confirmations feature, this will no longer be necessary.

Introducing Direct Confirmations

Appointment confirmations will now be sent to the clinic’s practice management system directly.

This includes appointments confirmed in the Today tab, Call List, PetDesk app, and all appointment email and text reminders. This information will be sent from PetDesk to the client’s practice management system every 60 minutes.

By minimizing the back and forth between PetDesk and the practice management system, there will be fewer errors and less time spent confirming appointments.

The Direct Confirmations feature is available with the following practice management systems:

  • AVImark (2016 and beyond)
  • Cornerstone
  • IntravetSQL
  • Impromed Infinity
  • Triple Crown

If you are a current PetDesk customer and are interested in this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager to check that your current practice management system is compatible. Our team will help you answer questions that you may have regarding this new capability.

We are currently working to make this feature available with other practice management systems to make this capability more available to more clinics in the future.

Key Benefits

With the addition of the Direct Confirmations feature, PetDesk users will no longer have to manage confirmations from PetDesk in their PMS. Instead, PetDesk will automatically send that information from PetDesk to their PIMS every 60 minutes.

Direct Confirmations for appointments that are sent via PetDesk to the client’s PIMS will have a note that says “Confirmed via PetDesk”.

A screenshot of direct confirmations in the PetDesk dashboard

By doing this, you’ll be able to see the appointments that you have for the day without checking both PetDesk and your practice management system. This can help streamline your scheduling process, saving your staff time and effort and help your clients book appointments with ease.

The Overall Goal

Our goal at PetDesk is to provide all of our customers a seamless communication process, from the app user straight to the clinic. By creating a more seamless process for the veterinarian, all parties will be able to easily check and confirm their appointments for the day without hassle, ensuring that their pets will receive the care they need.