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With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which veterinary communication platform features are essential for your unique practice. Professional veterinary care requires clear communication to provide the best possible care for pets, and with numerous valuable features, an all-encompassing veterinary communication platform can bring you not just that but also many other accompanying benefits that will help you improve your business. Keep reading to learn more about them.

What features should a vet communication platform offer?

By using a veterinary communication platform that syncs with your PIMS, you can improve your clients’ experience, help them prioritize their pets’ care, and save your staff valuable time. Check out the features that can help you do that and much more:

Veterinary appointment requests and direct booking

Instead of leaving your clients with endless hold music or struggling with sticky notes that usually get lost, advanced technology lets both you and your clients save time with a user-friendly interface. You can organize, book, cancel, and streamline your requests in just a few clicks, and the owners can schedule after hours, reducing call volume.

With an appointment request system, clients can request appointments in the time blocks your staff chooses. Allow staff the flexibility to approve the appointment or suggest alternative times if the chosen slot does not work. Want to allow your clients to book directly into your PIMS? Using a real-time online booking system gives your clients the ability to see what time slots are truly available and can book directly in your PIMS. 

Veterinary appointment reminders & confirmations

Many pet owners have busy schedules, and it often happens that they forget about their pets’ appointments. However, with different automated options such as email, text, push notification reminders, and postcards, you can significantly reduce the amount of no-shows. Plus, digital reminders include a link or button to confirm they are coming or cancel, which gives your staff a clear view of who needs follow-up communications. 

You can use your interface to connect in meaningful ways and create custom offers and messages. The interface connects with your Practice Management System (PIMS) to collect information and create a personalized message for each pet and its owner.

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Veterinary health service reminders

You can use the same tools – email, text, push notifications, and postcards, to remind your clients when it’s time for preventive care and routine service for their furry friends. The software will do it for you automatically, without the need to manually text, email, or call. Not only does this reduce non-compliance, but ensures that your patient’s health is top of mind. 

Two-way texting for veterinary clinics

Two-way texting is an indispensable feature for fostering efficient and effective client engagement. It not only streamlines communication but also empowers veterinary clinics to reclaim valuable time for their staff. By enabling clients to initiate communication through text messages, the platform reduces the reliance on phone calls for routine queries and allows your staff to respond at their convenience, enhancing overall operational flexibility. 

Veterinary clinic analytics

Veterinary software companies offer features such as data collection and tracking that can give you an insight into your business’s performance. You can use this information to improve your processes, increase revenue, grow compliance, automate tracking, and bring your operations to the next level.

The software collects data from your PIMS as well and allows you to check your total generated revenue, specific revenues generated directly and indirectly, how much time you saved on calls and follow-ups, how active your clients are in providing feedback, your average rating, and your net promoter score (NPS).

Veterinary mobile app

With the help of a veterinary mobile app that your clients can use, you can improve communication, support health compliance, and reduce call time. Moreover, owners will love the 24/7 available app that stores their pets’ health records and reminds them about upcoming appointments.

They can request or schedule an appointment in just a couple of clicks and once the appointment is confirmed, it will automatically sync with their calendar. They can also use it to request food and medication refills, access pet insurance quotes and education, and even add custom to-do lists and reminders.

Where can I find a comprehensive veterinary communication platform for my clinic?

Whether you’d like to learn more about vet communication software or look closer into the benefits you can reap from it, the team at PetDesk is here for you and your business. Our dedicated team of pet lovers shares the mission to extend the lives of each and every pet and will help you understand all aspects of our program to ensure your success and better care for your patients. Give us a call today!

Essential Features of a Veterinary Communication Platform FAQS

Q. What are the advantages of incorporating appointment requests and direct booking into a veterinary communication platform?
A. By integrating appointment requests and direct booking features, a veterinary communication platform enhances the efficiency of your practice. Clients can easily schedule appointments, while staff can easily modify or suggest alternative times with a user-friendly interface, reducing call volumes and streamlining the entire process. The system also allows after-hours scheduling, providing convenience for pet owners and optimizing staff time. Additionally, real-time online booking directly into the Practice Management System (PIMS) ensures accurate availability for clients.

Q. How can veterinary appointment reminders and confirmations benefit my clinic and clients?
A. Including automated appointment reminders through various channels such as email, text, push notifications, and postcards significantly reduces no-shows and helps clients prioritize their pets’ care. The platform’s digital reminders allow clients to confirm or cancel appointments with ease, providing your staff with a clear view of follow-up communications. Customizable offers and messages through the interface create meaningful connections, enhancing the client experience.

Q. How does a veterinary communication platform assist in health service reminders for pets?
A. The platform utilizes tools like email, text, push notifications, and postcards to automatically remind clients of preventive care and routine services for their pets. This automation not only reduces non-compliance but also keeps pet health at the forefront of clients’ minds. By eliminating the need for manual communication, the software ensures timely reminders, contributing to better overall patient care.

Q. How does Two-Way Texting enhance client engagement and streamline communication in a veterinary clinic?
A. Two-Way Texting is a crucial feature that significantly improves client engagement and communication efficiency within veterinary clinics. This feature allows clients to initiate communication through text messages, reducing the need for traditional phone calls for routine queries. This not only provides clients with a convenient and familiar means of communication but also empowers veterinary staff to respond at their convenience. By streamlining communication, the platform enhances operational flexibility and allows staff to manage inquiries more efficiently, ultimately contributing to a better overall client experience.

Q. How can veterinary clinic analytics provided by the platform benefit my practice?
A. Veterinary clinic analytics offered by the platform enable data collection and tracking, providing valuable insights into the performance of your business. The collected data includes total revenue, specific revenues generated directly and indirectly, time saved on calls and follow-ups, client feedback activity, average rating, and Net Promoter Score (NPS). This information empowers you to enhance processes, increase revenue, improve compliance, and elevate operational efficiency.

Q. In what ways does a veterinary mobile app contribute to improved communication and client engagement?
A. A veterinary mobile app facilitates enhanced communication, supports health compliance, and reduces call times. The app, available 24/7, stores pets’ health records and sends reminders for upcoming appointments. Clients can effortlessly request or schedule appointments, sync them with their calendars, request food and medication refills, and even access pet insurance information. This convenient and comprehensive mobile solution enhances client engagement and contributes to the overall success of your veterinary practice.

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