Maximize the Day by Working Smarter, Not Harder in 2022
Veterinary Practice Culture Apr 26, 2022

Maximize the Day by Working Smarter, Not Harder in 2022


The success of your clinic relies on your skills as a compassionate veterinarian, but it also hinges on how effective your CSR team is at keeping the front desk running like a well-oiled machine. Yet, despite all of their hard work, sometimes things fall through the crack. That’s alright on occasion, but if you notice mistakes happen frequently, it’s time to make a few changes. 

Simply by prioritizing these three tasks above all else, your team can focus on providing your clients with the best experience.

1. Collect contact information

First and foremost, your front desk team should always make it a priority to gather or update the client’s contact information before they leave the office or hang up the phone. It’s ideal to have several different ways to contact clients because a phone call isn’t always the most practical option for certain things. For example, you can create a mailing list and send informative emails to all of your clients at one time. 

If a client is reluctant to share their email address, have your CSR team member highlight the value that would come directly to their inboxes. Key points can include:

  • Updating the clinic’s hours of operation
  • Sharing educational materials regarding things like flea and tick season or pet insurance
  • Alerts regarding recalls for pet food, toys, treats, and medications
  • Information specific to a specific breed or age group

2. Choose the best way to communicate

Communication is key with any successful clinic, but not all forms of communication are created equally. 

Email is great for shooting general information to all of your clients at once. It can also be used to send clients receipts, appointment reminders, and telemedicine appointments. 

Live Chat is a great tool for existing and potential clients because they ask simple questions that don’t require an immediate response. You could also use video chat to discuss test results with existing clients. 

Two-way SMS Texts can be used to confirm appointments, send out push notifications about an upcoming appointment, and notify the client of test results.

3. Give the client a personalized (and compassionate) experience

Happy clients are return clients and your CSR team are, essentially, the face of your clinic. They are the ones who greets clients, who gathers information, and makes appointments. It’s important that your staff recognizes this and works to create a space that is welcoming, compassionate, and personal. 

Get your staff in the habit of smiling when a client approaches the desk and offering an empathetic ear if they look distressed. Also, encourage the staff to keep the reception area neat and tidy because that, too, plays a role in the client experience. 

The magic is in the details!

It takes a lot to run a successful clinic and much of that responsibility falls on your CSR team. The idea of working smarter, not harder, hinges on having the tools necessary to keep them organized and on top of their game. For more insight on how to help improve efficiency, download our CSR Survival Guide!