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A few of our veterinary practice partners came to us with a unique scenario: they wanted the ability to share lab and test results with their clients in a quick and efficient manner.

Typically, lab results are verbally communicated to the pet parent via a phone call and only shared with the client upon request. But now, veterinarians will be able to be more transparent with their clients and showcase the pet’s lab test results through the PetDesk mobile app. Pet parents will now have this information readily accessible through their smartphone.

In anticipation of phone calls regarding pet lab results, veterinary staff will have control over when the pet parents receive their test results. This gives veterinarians the opportunity to discuss the results with the pet parents before sharing the information with them so they’re more educated on the matter. 

Introducing the Lab Results Tab

Patient lab results will now be available through the PetDesk App upon doctor’s approval.

With customizable delay and specifiers to make this work for your unique practice, veterinarians and their staff will be able to pick and choose what specific lab results they want to be shared with their clients and when those will get shared.

The new lab results functionality is currently compatible with certain versions of the following practice management systems:

  • AVImark
  • ImproMed Infinity
  • Intravet SQL
  • Cornerstone
  • ImproMed Triple Crown

If you are a current PetDesk customer and are interested in this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager to check if your current practice management system is compatible. Our team can help you get everything that you needed to set up this new capability.

We are currently working around the limitations of other practice management systems to help provide other clinics this capability in the future.

Key Benefits

The lab results tab will help increase client engagement within the mobile application, reinforcing the client’s usage of the app so it becomes their dedicated source of all information for their pet’s health.

Whether it’s to schedule an appointment, order prescriptions, or just a reminder for regular grooming, pet parents will have a convenient and central place to do all of these things.

The New Functionalities

Client Notifications

When new lab results are available for a pet, the client will be notified via email and push notifications.

Location Within the App

The Lab Results tab is now located in the Pets tab underneath your pet’s image within the app and in between the “Medical” and “Prescriptions” categories. Within the pet’s profile, the new tab will house all lab results organized by the date tests are submitted and the specific test name.

Results Page

Users will be able to see any new doctor-approved lab results from the past 30 days. Doctors will be able to control the delay time before pet parents receive and can view results. There will always be a disclaimer on the bottom stating, “Some test results may not be available to view” as some results may not be accessible through the application.

Interested in seeing how this works? Feel free to schedule a demo with one of our consultants.

The Overall Goal

Here at PetDesk, our mission is to strengthen the tie between pet parents and pet care providers. By giving doctors the ability to control what information gets sent to the pet parents, all parties involved will have the information needed to ensure that pets will receive the best care possible.