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Growing your veterinary business can seem like a daunting task: where do you start? One common strategy that many of our veterinary customers had success with was implementing a loyalty program.

PetDesk has offered a loyalty program to customers for about one year. Today, we are announcing a new functionality to our loyalty program that will make it easier for veterinary clinics to provide their clients with the ability to provide clients with scheduled specials and promotions within their loyalty programs.

Introducing Loyalty Specials

This new feature allows providers with a PetDesk loyalty program to offer time-based – or  “seasonal” – specials on select services.

PetDesk loyalty customers will now have the option to customize:

  • A specific service, or services, to run as the special or promotion
  • The selected time frame to run the special
  • The number of bonus points clients receive during the special time frame


For the month of February, we will award 200 bonus points to clients that come in for a dental procedure appointment during Dental Month.

This type of program offers customers the ability to create engaging and enticing promotions to help bring their clients back into the clinic.

Instead of offering discounted products or services, this feature gives clients that use the loyalty feature an opportunity to choose how they want to spend their reward points, giving them a tailored experience aligned with what is best for them and their pet.

How Do Loyalty Specials Work?

Upon entering the loyalty program section on the PetDesk provider page, there will be two different areas in which your client can find the promotion: In the drop-down header at the top of the screen OR within the starred section dedicated for promotions and specials. When you click into the clinic provider page, the details of the promotion will be displayed. The name of the special and the text below the special details may be tailored to your clinic’s specifications. For this functionality to work smoothly, services will need to be in the practice management system already and labeled with a service code, inventory number, or group item code. The new window that opens directs clients to schedule an appointment for that service directly and automatically populates the promotion information into the appointment notes. By auto-populating the appointment information for your clients, it makes the experience of scheduling simple for your clients. The only items your clients will need to fill out is the date and the recommended time window for their appointment, and which pet they are bringing in for the service. If they decide to schedule the appointment later, they will be reminded with a “To Do” task to schedule an appointment at a time that works best for them.

Users who allow notifications within the mobile app will also receive push notifications alerting them of the promotion’s start date, two weeks before the special ends, and finally a thank you survey 3 days after a completed special to all clients that came in for a visit.

Key Benefits

Offer a Unique Experience to Your Clients

The loyalty specials tool empowers our veterinary customers to create engaging specials aimed at their most loyal customer base. By creating unique and tailored specials, care providers give clients a personalized experience that they won’t find anywhere else.

Encourage a Specific Service

The major benefit of providing veterinary practices with time-related specials is that they will be able to use this new feature to create a sense of urgency for their clients. This call to action will drive their clients to be more proactive regarding their pet’s care. Additionally, this small window of time will allow clinics to measure the success of the special through various metrics.

Our goal with loyalty specials is to help our veterinary customers increase the number of targeted services completed during a set time period in comparison to the same time period the previous year. This new feature is meant to empower clinics with the ability to provide specials and promotions when needed for their veterinary clinic.

Test What Works for Your Business

Loyalty specials can help engage customers during common seasonal slumps or test what specific promotions work better than others for each unique clinic. While some specials can work well for a small animal hospital, an exotic specialist may want to try a different tactic. Our new feature accommodates for the uniqueness of each veterinary practice. Interested in setting up a loyalty plan at your veterinary practice? Sign up down below and we can help get you the necessary information to bring loyalty to your veterinary hospital. 

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