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The excitement and festivities surrounding Canada Day and the 4th of July can be overwhelming for our beloved pets. Veterinary professionals are responsible to educate pet owners about the potential dangers and provide guidance on ensuring their furry friends’ safety during these celebrations. In this blog post, we will explore some ideas based on a handout created by PetDesk to help veterinary professionals educate their clients about pet safety around fireworks.

Send a Reminder About the Holidays

Life goes fast these days, so it’s always helpful to send out a reminder to clients about the impending holidays. CSRs can use PetDesk’s Mass Messaging feature to easy send one message to their entire client base and include information like: 

  • Reminders for sedative refills for animals who need them most during loud noises and flashes of light. 
  • Quick guidelines about keeping them safe which can be summed up in PetDesk’s handout for 4th of July and Canada Day. 
  • Use the template below to save time: 

[SUBJECT]: Reminder: Fireworks Safety for Your Pet

As we approach the [4th of July / Canada Day] celebrations, we here at [ClinicName] want to remind you about the potential impact of fireworks on our beloved pets, as well as the importance of ensuring an adequate supply of sedatives, if necessary.

Keeping Our Pets Safe

Fireworks can be a source of anxiety and stress for many animals due to sudden loud noises, bright lights, and unfamiliar sensations. As responsible pet owners, it’s crucial for us to take proactive measures to keep our pets safe, calm, and comfortable.

Here’s a helpful handout (insert link to [url]) on firework safety you can download from our friends at PetDesk and what you can do to provide comfort and reassurance this holiday. 

Keeping Our Pets Calm 

If your pet requires sedatives, this is your reminder to input your medication refills now in the PetDesk app.

Have a safe and happy holiday! 


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Protect Pets From the Heat:

The Ultimate Veterinary Client Education Hot Pet Summer Resource PackWith the hot summer months coinciding with Independence Day celebrations, it is crucial to protect pets from heat-related issues. Veterinary professionals should emphasize the following points:

  • Pets can become dehydrated and overheat quickly, so provide plenty of fresh water and shade.
  • Encourage pet owners to avoid taking their pets out during the hottest part of the day to prevent heatstroke.

Share helpful social posts on identifying heatstroke, avoiding burns and hot pavement like what’s included in PetDesk’s Hot Pet Summer 2023 resource pack.


Keep Food and Alcohol Out of Reach:

The foods and drinks commonly enjoyed during these festivities can pose serious risks to pets. Veterinary professionals should inform clients about the following:

  • Certain foods like onions, grapes, and chocolate are toxic to pets and should be kept away from their reach.
  • Alcohol is highly toxic to animals and should never be accessible to pets.
  • Fatty foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs can cause digestive problems in pets, so caution should be exercised.

Send them this helpful chart on safe and unsafe common BBQ foods that may be making an appearance at your party. 

Download Handouts


Prevent Pet Escapes:

July 4th and Canada Day are notorious for an increased number of pets going missing. Recommend the following precautions:

  • Advise pet owners to ensure their pets have a collar with ID tags containing up-to-date contact information.
  • Encourage pet owners to consider microchipping their pets as an added layer of protection to increase the chances of a safe return if they go missing.


Emergency Preparedness:

Pet Natural Disaster Preparedness TipsIn case of emergencies, it’s essential for pet owners to have a plan in place. Veterinary professionals can guide their clients through the following steps:

  • Provide the contact information of local emergency veterinary services, including the phone number and address.
  • Encourage pet owners to have a designated driver available who can transport their pet to the emergency vet if needed.

Check out this helpful Instagram carousel of images about being prepared in our social post pack here.

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