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In episode 2 of Simple, Interrupted, Mary Schwartz spoke to Andrew Luna, CEO of Hound, and Rebecca Rose, RVT about recruiting quality veterinary talent and how to keep a healthy team. Keep reading for a quick overview of their conversation and a few of the key takeaways.

Attracting Quality Applicants in an Employee’s Market

The conversation began with a discussion of the current state of the veterinary job market. Check out the full episode to discover why the old model of recruiting is broken and why you can’t out-recruit poor culture. You’ll also learn why it’s important to focus on the entire employee journey – not just the recruiting process.

Demonstrating Value, Mission, and Purpose

How can a manager, hiring team, and the team at the clinic show their value, mission, and purpose throughout the entire hiring process? The way these things are conveyed makes a big impression on applicants and can set the tone for their entire experience with the clinic.

Luna and Rose explain that it’s important to recognize, announce, and celebrate new employees. They also suggest that clinics have a detailed and outlined onboarding process with a major focus on the moment of arrival. Finally, they emphasize that onboarding is an ongoing process.

Finding the Right Fit

It’s not enough to find a talented employee – they also need to be a good fit for the clinic. How can a manager speak with a candidate and see how they’re going to align with the clinic’s current vision and goals?

Discover how to approach the interview process with the goal of learning about the applicant’s previous experiences, motivations, and goals. You’ll also find out which questions to ask to get a better sense of their character, skillset, and values.


Resume Do’s and Don’ts

Are resumes outdated? How important are they in the hiring process? And what can candidates do to make sure their resume catches a manager’s eye?

Learn simple tips and tricks to improve your resume and make sure it’s working for you. You’ll also discover why it’s important to focus on big wins and highlight accomplishments, the power of a well-polished LinkedIn profile, and more.

Reaching to Employees Sooner in Their Journey

The earlier a clinic can reach out to potential employees, the better. Learn how veterinary practices can fill their talent pipeline by building relationships with students and student organizations. You’ll also discover the value of internships and developing talent from within your own clinic.

How Independent Clinics Can Compete

Finally, the conversation turned to how independent clinics can compete with the big consolidators who often offer significantly higher salaries. Discover why culture is the defining experience and how it can be used to attract and retain quality employees.

Ready to listen to the full episode? Trust us, there are lots more great tips and insights for clinic managers, hiring teams, and aspiring veterinary professionals. Click here to listen now!

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