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In today’s world, doesn’t it seem like we use our smartphones for everything but phone calls? With text messaging, email, and video conferencing, who needs to make a phone call? It’s no surprise as to why 85% of smartphone users prefer text messaging and emails over making phone calls and answering the phone.Texting offers instant communication without disrupting your surroundings. 

Of all the texts that we receive, some messages can get lost in the mix. However, of the messages you don’t open right away, text communications from your veterinary clinic shouldn’t be ignored. 

Here’s why. 

You’ll Never Forget to Bring Your Pet to Appointments 

You may be the most organized person in the world, but life has a crazy way of making us forget even the most important appointments. However, when your vet uses text messaging to send you reminders about an upcoming appointment or vaccinations, you’re less likely to forget.  

You’ll Have Peace of Mind During a Procedure

It’s scary enough when your pet needs to go in for a medical procedure, it’s even worse when you have to leave them there overnight (or longer!) Today’s veterinarians understand how stressful it is for pet owners to wait without having any idea how their beloved pet is doing and they’re using text messaging to keep them in the loop. Some will even photographs via text to let the pet owner see how well their pet is while in recovery and say when they’ll be ready to be picked up and taken home. 

You’ll Have an Easier Check-In Experience

The pandemic has changed a lot of how we do business and one of those changes was curbside check-in. Clinics will send clients digital documents to fill out before the appointment, which helps to minimize wait time in the reception area. Also, if you’re using the PetDesk app, documents related to your pet’s medical care is located all in one place, which makes it easier for you to find important records which certainly helps you keep your pets happy and healthy. 

You Won’t Miss Out On Promotions for Different Services

We all love a good deal and hate realizing that we missed out on a great promotion. Your veterinarian may send text messages that highlights their current promotions for various services that your pet could benefit from. Always keep an eye out for these types of messages because you don’t want to miss out on promotional services or products that you’d normally buy anyway. 

You’ll Never Forget to Pay a Bill Again

Overdue balances are a commonplace in every industry and it’s something that no one wants to deal with. However, instead of receiving a call and feeling embarrassed because the clinic is trying to collect payment, they’ll text you about how much is owed. If they’re using PetDesk Pay, they’ll include a link in the message so you can easily take care of that outstanding balance right then and there. 

Text Communications From Your Veterinary Clinic Are Important!

Of all the text messages you may receive throughout the day, when you receive a message from your veterinarian, you shouldn’t ignore it. Your vet isn’t interested in spamming you with nonsense. Their goal is to provide you with information and tools that will help keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come!