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Veterinarians frequently lament the forgetfulness of clients. But when a pet needs medication on a recurring basis, veterinary professionals and clients can all have trouble keeping track. Anybody can forget to give their pet prescriptions at the right time or miss a dose. We are all more forgetful than we would like to admit, even in regard to our furry family members. Thankfully, your smartphone, also a trusty companion, can help you remember via the PetDesk app!

Remembering prescriptions and preventatives is key to maintaining the health, and well-being, of your pet. Many long-term medications mask the signs of a chronic illness and an owner may forget their importance, or stop dosing the pet thinking all is well. But medications have instructions printed on the label for a reason.

Sure, you can put a sticker on your calendar or write yourself a post-it note. But will you ever actually notice this when you, your pet, and that pesky medication are all in the same place? Not likely…

With the PetDesk app you can use the To Do tab to add tasks and reminders, and NEVER forget anything your pets needs again!

Simply, create a new task to give medication. From here you can:

  • set how often you need to be reminded to give your pet their pill
  • set how often that task repeats
  • include an image of the meds (or anything really)
  • include any helpful notes to yourself about dosage instructions
  • select to be reminded with a push notification and/or make the reminder sync with your device’s personal calendar

Once you’ve set this up, you’ll be digitally reminded when the time comes. But what if you are out running errands, busy playing video games, or can’t find the prescription?

Don’t worry because we thought of that too… you need to mark that you’ve actually completed the task.

Otherwise, the app will check in again to remind you of that prescription and see if you’ve actually completed the task!

Later on, when the medication eventually starts to run out (since you’ve been giving it to the pet regularly, as instructed) you can request a refill via the PetDesk app too!