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When you think of ways to improve your veterinary clinic’s experience, how often do you consider your payment process? Like most, probably not a lot—but we’re here to change that.

Thanks to PetDesk Pay, teams across the country are realizing the powerful benefits of implementing online veterinary payment software into their operations, ultimately creating streamlined efficiency for their staff and an enhanced client experience.

As a leading provider of veterinary practice management solutions, we’re proud not only to offer a full online payment software package that meets the unique needs of clinics like yours, but also provide you with 4 reasons why you should consider making the switch.

1. Convenience for Your Veterinary Team and Clients

As you know, if a client has a difficult time with something at a veterinary practice—like paying a bill—it can prevent them from coming back for more pet services. And if it’s not an easy process for them, chances are it’s not an enjoyable one for the clinic’s staff, either.

That’s why it’s important to add convenience for everyone in your clinic by using modern payment tools like Text2Pay, where your veterinary staff can send clients invoices directly to their smartphones. This lets pet parents pay their bill from wherever they are, whenever it’s easiest for them.

With features like Card on File to securely store their information, and recurring payments to easily buy ongoing pet services and supplies without inputting their payment details each time, clients will enjoy an efficient payment experience no matter where they are—at home, on the go, or in your clinic.

PetDesk Pay doesn’t just provide convenience for your clients, but your staff as well; pet parents have the freedom to easily pay when and where it works best for them, while team members get time back to focus more on patient care.

2. Secured Revenue for Your Veterinary Business

At the end of the day, your veterinary clinic is a business; securing your revenue and maintaining a healthy cash flow is key for sustaining operations and ensuring financial stability. That means the risk of no-shows and non-paying clients can become a real issue, real fast for your bottom line.

Enter Deposit Solicitation, a PetDesk payment tool that lets your team members collect advance deposits for high-risk or new client appointments, as well as for services like prescription refills and upcoming surgeries or procedures. Each pre-appointment invoice can be sent by SMS or email, or even as a push notification from our pet parent mobile app. Instantly receiving these deposits directly into your clinic’s account will help you maintain cash flow without the common delays of traditional payment methods.

PetDesk Pay is your go-to veterinary payment software to secure your clinic’s revenue up front, save time for your staff, and reduce no-shows.

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3. Automated, Accurate Accounting for Your Clinic 

It happens all the time—a pet parent finishing their pet’s checkup before remembering there’s still one dreaded obstacle in their way: checkout. Never mind fumbling their wallet searching for cash or credit cards, just having to stand in a crowded clinic with their anxious pet for longer than they have to is enough to drive them mad.

PetDesk’s Integrated Payments keeps these poor experiences in the past by working directly with your Practice Information Management System (PIMS), automating your entire accounting process with speed and accuracy.

Now, you can eliminate the stressful checkout process by sending clients digital payment links, allowing pet parents to breeze through their appointments without having to reach for their wallet. Plus, a PIMS-integrated payment system will make your staff feel confident knowing that each transaction is accurately processed, saving your team time from manually entering and reconciling data.

Managing your payment processes can be a messy experience for everyone involved at your veterinary practice, but PetDesk has the tools to make it easy.

4. Increased Satisfaction for Clients and Staff

With tools and features like Text2Pay, Deposit Solicitation, and Integrated Payments, PetDesk Pay meets pet parents where they are to turn every payment-related pain point into a delightful experience for you, your staff, and your clients.

By combining patient engagement and payment processing into a streamlined check-in and checkout process, PetDesk Pay changes the game for your practice to reduce processing fees, improve the checkout experience, and eliminate unnecessary friction during the patient’s journey in the clinic. That doesn’t just make for happier clients, but more satisfied team members as well.

With a heightened level of convenience, secured cash flow, automated accounting, and increased satisfaction for everyone, PetDesk Pay’s online veterinary payment software is designed to streamline efficiency for your clinic’s staff and enhance client experience.

If you’re ready to see the difference Petdesk Pay can make for your clinic’s payment experience, we invite you to schedule a free chat with a PetDesk expert. We’re here to address the challenges you may be facing in your clinic, discuss our solution, and answer any questions you may have.

Online Veterinary Payment Software FAQs

Q. How can you improve convenience for both veterinary teams and clients with PetDesk Pay?
A. PetDesk Pay, PetDesk’s online veterinary payment software, offers modern payment tools like Text2Pay, allowing veterinary staff to send invoices directly to clients’ smartphones for easy payment. Clients can pay their bills from anywhere, anytime, enhancing their experience. Features like Card on File and recurring payments further streamline the process, benefiting both clients and staff by saving time and effort.

Q. How does PetDesk Pay help secure revenue for veterinary businesses?
A. PetDesk Pay addresses the risk of no-shows and non-paying clients by offering tools like Deposit Solicitation. This feature allows clinics to collect advance deposits for appointments, prescription refills, and procedures. By instantly receiving deposits directly into the clinic’s account, PetDesk Pay helps maintain cash flow and reduce the impact of delayed payments on the bottom line.

Q. Can online payment software simplify accounting processes for veterinary clinics?
A. PetDesk’s Integrated Payments work directly with Practice Information Management Systems (PIMS), automating the accounting process with accuracy and speed. By sending clients digital payment links and integrating payment systems with PIMS, clinics can eliminate the stressful checkout process and save time on manual data entry and reconciliation.

Q. How does online payment software contribute to increased satisfaction for both clients and staff?
A. PetDesk’s online veterinary payment software offers tools like Text2Pay, Deposit Solicitation, and Integrated Payments to enhance the overall payment experience. By streamlining check-in and checkout processes, reducing processing fees, and eliminating friction during the patient’s journey, PetDesk Pay creates happier clients and more satisfied staff members.

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