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Without proper veterinary software in place, streamlining your clinic may never become a reality. Why is this important? Veterinary clinics have the unique challenge of having to perform several different types of appointments a day, from dental cleanings to surgery to euthanasia. Plus, scheduling, reminding, and confirming appointments with clients can be very time-consuming. This can wear on veterinary staff VERY quickly – but with the help of the right veterinary software, they can get through the day in a breeze.

PetDesk’s comprehensive veterinary client communication software can automate specific tasks and give time back to your staff. It can even offer technological benefits to your clients that not only empower them when it comes to scheduling but also keep them on top of their pet’s health consistently. 

PetDesk’s veterinary software can help your clinic streamline appointment scheduling by offering the following:

A Veterinary Mobile App

With PetDesk’s veterinary mobile app, clients can manage their pet’s health in the palm of their hand, and clinics have a direct line to communicate and engage with their clients. Give time back to your staff by allowing clients to access their pet’s medical records and lab results, request appointments and medication refills, receive automated reminders about services their pets are due for, get notified when their pet is ready to be picked up, and purchase pet insurance all through the app.

Veterinary Appointment Requests

Reduce call volume and save staff time by allowing pet owners to request appointments in the time blocks your staff chooses via the PetDesk mobile app or your veterinary website. PetDesk works with your existing PIMS and organizes your daily appointments in one easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, we provide your team the flexibility to approve appointments, suggest alternative times, and even confirm daily appointments with just a few clicks.

A Real-time Online Veterinary Booking Tool

Utilize PetDesk’s super customizable real-time online booking tool to reduce phone volume drastically, keep you in control, and even add revenue to your hospital. Our software speaks directly to your PIMS and only displays appointments that are truly available, allowing clients to 100% self-serve and saving your staff time. 

Did you know that 42% of online appointments are booked outside of office hours? Don’t miss out on potential appointments by offering 24/7 booking on your website or social media platforms. Plus, with our super customizable platform, you can choose when and how many routine appointments can be booked, hold spaces for emergency appointments, account for vets with different skill sets, and so much more!

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Automated Veterinary Reminders and Confirmations

Reduce no-shows at your hospital with PetDesk’s automated reminder system. Send timely reminders two days before the appointment via email, push notification, and text. Clients can choose their preferred communication channel and even opt out of specific channels, helping to ensure they receive the reminders in a way that suits them best. Plus, add a button so clients can confirm or cancel when sending reminders digitally, so your staff can spend less time on the phone.

PIMS-integrated Smart VoIP Built for Veterinary Clinics

PetDesk Phones integrates directly with your practice management system. It lets your staff personalize your client’s phone experience by showing helpful and actionable information about new and current clients when they call. 

Additionally, we offer 24/7 live chat through chat or SMS for your web and social platforms. Our agents handle most of your client’s needs immediately, including an opportunity to book appointments and receive instant confirmations online when appropriate, equally reducing your staff’s workload and impressing your clients.


The challenges veterinary clinics face in regard to managing various appointments emphasize the need for efficient and time-saving solutions. PetDesk’s comprehensive veterinary client communication software is a transformative tool that not only addresses these challenges but elevates the overall functioning of clinics. The veterinary mobile app, appointment request system, real-time online booking tool, automated reminder system, and PIMS-integrated Smart VoIP collectively create a seamless and streamlined workflow. 

By automating tasks, empowering clients with technological benefits, and offering flexible appointment options, PetDesk significantly reduces the burden on veterinary staff while enhancing the client experience.

Streamlining Appointment Request with PetDesk’s Veterinary Software FAQs

Q. How does PetDesk’s Veterinary Mobile App benefit both clinics and pet owners in managing appointments?
A. PetDesk’s veterinary mobile app provides pet owners a digital way to manage their pet’s health. Clients can access medical records, request appointments, receive medication refills, and purchase pet insurance through the app. Meanwhile, clinics benefit from improved communication and engagement with clients, saving staff time and streamlining the overall appointment process.

Q. How does PetDesk’s Appointment Request System reduce workload and enhance flexibility for veterinary clinic staff?
A. PetDesk’s Appointment Request System significantly reduces call volume by allowing pet owners to request appointments via the mobile app or clinic website. This system works seamlessly with existing PIMS, organizing daily appointments in an easy-to-use dashboard. Clinic staff gains flexibility by approving appointments, suggesting alternative times, and confirming daily appointments with just a few clicks, ultimately saving time and improving efficiency.

Q. What advantages does PetDesk’s Real-time Online Booking Tool offer to veterinary clinics?
A. PetDesk’s Real-time Online Booking Tool is highly customizable and directly integrates with the clinic’s PIMS. By reducing phone volume and allowing clients to 100% self-serve, it not only keeps clinics in control but can also add revenue. The tool ensures that only genuinely available appointments are displayed, offering 24/7 booking on various platforms, accommodating different appointment types, and holding spaces for emergencies – providing clinics with unparalleled flexibility.

Q. How does PetDesk’s Automated Veterinary Reminders and Confirmations system contribute to reducing no-shows and improving communication?
A. PetDesk’s automated reminder system combats no-shows by sending timely reminders via email, push notifications, postcards, and text messages two days before appointments. Clients can choose their preferred communication channel and even confirm or cancel appointments digitally, reducing the need for extensive phone interactions. This not only ensures better communication but also significantly reduces the staff’s time spent on appointment confirmations.

Q. What benefits does PetDesk’s PIMS-integrated Smart VoIP offer to veterinary clinics regarding client communication?
A. PetDesk’s Smart VoIP system integrates seamlessly with the clinic’s practice management system, providing staff with helpful information about clients during phone calls. Additionally, the 24/7 live chat feature on web and social platforms allows immediate client support, including appointment bookings and instant confirmations online. This not only reduces the staff’s workload but also impresses clients with a personalized and efficient communication experience.

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