5 Essential Features of a Veterinary Communication Platform
Veterinary Technology Apr 18, 2023

5 Essential Features of a Veterinary Communication Platform


Professional veterinary care requires clear communication between vets, pet owners, and the staff in order to provide the best possible care for pets. With numerous useful features, an all-encompassing veterinary communication platform can bring you not just that, but many other accompanying benefits that will help you improve your business.

However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which features are essential for your business. Keep reading to learn more about them.

What features should a vet communication platform offer?

veterinary communication platformUsing correct software integration with the right veterinary practice management software, you can improve your clients’ experience, help them prioritize their pets’ care, and save your staff some valuable time. Check out the features that can help you do that and much more:

Appointment requests

Instead of leaving your clients with endless hold music or struggling with sticky notes that usually get lost, advanced technology lets both you and your clients save time with a user-friendly interface. You can organize, book, cancel, and streamline your requests in just a couple of clicks and the owners can schedule after hours, reducing call volume.

Appointment confirmations & reminders

Many pet owners have busy schedules and it often happens that they forget about their pets’ appointments. However, with different options such as email, text, push notification reminders, and postcards, you can significantly reduce the amount of no-shows.

You can use your interface to connect in meaningful ways and create custom offers and messages. The interface connects with your Practice Management System (PIMS) to collect information and create a personalized message for each pet and their owner.

Health service reminders

You can use the same set of tools – email, text, push notifications, and postcards, to remind your clients when it’s time for preventive care and routine service for their furry friends. The software will do it for you automatically, without the need to manually text, email, or call.

Clinic analytics

Veterinary software companies offer features such as data collection and tracking that can give you an insight into your business’s performance. You can use this information to improve your processes, increase revenue, grow compliance, automate tracking, and bring your operations to the next level.

The software collects data from your PIMS as well, and allows you to check your total generated revenue, specific revenues generated directly and indirectly, how much time you saved on calls and follow-ups, how active you clients are in providing feedback, your average rating, and your net promoter score (NPS).

Mobile app

With the help of a mobile app that your clients can use, you can improve communication, support health compliance, and reduce call time. Moreover, owners will love their 24/7 available app that stores their pets’ health records and reminds them about the upcoming appointments.

They’ll be able to request an appointment in just a couple of clicks. Once the appointment is confirmed, it will automatically sync with their calendar. They can also use it to request food and medication refills, access pet insurance quotes and education, add custom to-do lists and reminders, and even enter video chat appointments.

Where can I find a comprehensive veterinary communication platform for my clinic?

What features should a vet communication platform offerWhether you’d like to learn more about vet communication software or look closer into the benefits you can reap from it, feel free to reach out to PetDesk. Our dedicated team of pet lovers shares the mission to extend the lives of each and every pet and will help you understand all aspects of our program to ensure your success and better care for your patients. Give us a call today!