Simplifying Pet Care: Discover the Convenience of PetDesk’s Online Booking and App

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See how PetDesk’s innovative online booking and app can revolutionize your veterinary practice by streamlining appointment scheduling and communication. This session highlights how our tools simplify operations for clinic staff and enhance the experience for pet owners, allowing them to book appointments at their convenience and receive timely reminders for pet care.

Mary Schwartz, CVT, covers both products in this demo. It’s the perfect chance to experience how we’re making life easier for both veterinary staff and pet parents.

Mary Schwartz, CVT
Manager of Sales Enablement, PetDesk

Mary Schwartz, CVT has a robust career in the veterinary industry spanning a decade. Mary serves as a personal consultant to each team and arms them with industry and clinic knowledge so that her colleagues are better able to serve customers to be efficient in their day-to-day and maximize the return on their technology investment.

Mary Schwartz