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PetDesk Pay

Modern Payment Collection Built for Vets.

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Provide clients with easy and fast digital payments while giving your staff more time to focus on patients with PetDesk Pay.

Eliminate front desk bottlenecks and decrease stressful financial conversations by easily collecting deposits and storing credit cards for recurring payments and Text2Pay in your PetDesk Dashboard. Centralize and modernize payments with upgraded hardware that offers every form of payment in one easy-to-navigate database connected to your clients’ accounts.

Transparent, Flat Rates
Transparent, Flat Rates

Bring predictability to your monthly revenue with PetDesk Pay’s transparent, flat rates. Never be surprised at the end of the month as PetDesk Pay is always transparent with no hidden fees.

Ultra-Convenient Payment Collection
Ultra-Convenient Payment Collection

Skip awkward collections calls and mailing invoices by sending clients their invoices via text message, where they are more likely to notice and pay. Take payments from anywhere with touchless in-person payments, email, and Text2Pay.

Modern, Centralized Payments
Modern, Centralized Payments

Handle payments in the same platform you engage clients to reduce staff headaches and manage invoices in the flow of work. Support personalized wellness plans with recurring payments, and reduce no-shows by collecting pre-appointment deposits.

By using Text2Pay to collect pre-appointment deposits for new clients and surgeries, we've cut our no-show and same-day cancellation rate by more than 50%.

- Stephen Shirley, Director of Operations, Family Pet Health

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Does centralizing all of your payment information, reducing no-shows, and getting paid faster sound good to you? We thought so. Chat with a member of our team today to learn how PetDesk Pay can help modernize your payment system all while giving your team more time to focus on what they do best – caring for clients and patients.