The Best Automated Veterinary Reminder System

Reduce no-shows by reminding veterinary clients of upcoming appointments through the PetDesk app, email, SMS, and postcards.

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Veterinary Reminder System

When people lead busy lives, it’s hard to remember their own appointments, much less those for their pets. With text, email, postcards, and push notification reminders, the rate of missed appointments will plummet! Use PetDesk’s automated reminder system to connect in ways that matter with custom messages and offers.

Reduce no-shows and save your veterinary clinic’s schedule

Send veterinary clients regular reminders for upcoming appointments to reduce no-call-no-shows, and ensure that they come to the appointment prepared. Appointment reminders:

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See how this clinic decreased no-shows by 38%.

Automated Veterinary Reminder System FAQs

How do PetDesk’s Automated Veterinary Appointment Reminders help reduce no-shows for pet appointments?

PetDesk’s Automated Reminders significantly reduce no-shows by sending timely reminders two days before the appointment via email, push notification, and text. Clients can choose their preferred communication channel and even opt out of specific channels, helping to ensure they receive the reminders in a way that suits them best.

What channels are available for sending veterinary appointment reminders through PetDesk?

PetDesk offers flexibility by allowing appointment reminders to be sent via postcard, email, push notifications, and text. Clients have the freedom to choose their preferred channel, and they can opt out of any channel individually.

Can clients confirm or cancel veterinary appointments directly through PetDesk?

Yes, PetDesk simplifies the confirmation process. Clients receive reminders with a link or button to confirm their attendance or cancel the appointment. This easy confirmation method helps streamline the process without phone calls.

How does PetDesk help save time and effort for veterinary practices by confirming appointments?

PetDesk replaces traditional appointment confirmation calls with automated texts, emails, and app notifications. This not only makes the confirmation process more effective but also saves significant time and effort for employees, allowing them to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Can PetDesk’s Automated Veterinary Appointment Reminders be integrated into personal calendars?

Yes, PetDesk enhances user convenience by automatically integrating appointment reminders into personal calendars for app users. This ensures that clients receive a timely reminder an hour before their scheduled appointment, enhancing the likelihood of attendance.

How can veterinary practices customize appointment reminders using PetDesk?

PetDesk allows veterinary practices to customize appointment reminders by enabling them to include relevant pre-appointment information. This customization feature ensures that clients receive not only timely reminders but also any specific details they need before their appointments.

In what situations is it recommended to use postcards through PetDesk for veterinary appointment reminders?

PetDesk recommends using postcard reminders for clients who may not be reachable through email or SMS. This cost-effective approach helps businesses ensure that even clients without digital communication preferences receive timely reminders about their pet appointments.