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Custom veterinary websites with all of the features you need

Our website platform is loaded with features: hosting, SEO, security, analytics, digital forms, and everything else built-in.

Veterinary Digital Marketing Powered by WhiskerCloud

Custom veterinary websites and cloud hosting, made simple

Our team has designed a platform that creates beautiful veterinary websites, just how you want them — fully integrated with the latest apps. They also incorporate search engine optimization descriptions and meta tags for Google, offer real-time tracking, and integrate your favorite veterinary and pet portal apps on your website.

Getting started is easy and takes just a few minutes to request a demo. Our support team is just a click away to make sure your website always looks and functions exactly how you want it.

Custom-built, mobile-responsive website

No templates! Using our software, we’ll build you a website that fits your needs. You’ll be proud to show it off on a computer, tablet, or mobile device—your site will look and function beautifully.

Your own web team

Your site will be run, managed, and updated by your very own team of experts. Have a change? Want to make some updates? We’ll take care of it! We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Cloud hosting

Hosted on our cloud server, your site will be blazing fast and ultra-secure! You’ll never have to worry about updates or downtime again. Welcome to the future.

Advertising management (ROI)

Are you ready to jump into the world of social media or Google advertising? We can help get you up and running! We’ll continually optimize to increase your ROI!

Search engine optimization

When pet owners search for a veterinarian in their area, they want to make sure your site is visible in search engines. Fully integrated with your new site.


Do you know how many people are coming to your website every month? What zip code do they live in? Your dashboard is accessible 24/7 with real-time reporting.

Social media marketing

Let us give you the professional social media channels you’ve been dreaming about. We’ll help you engage current clients and attract new ones. We handle all of it.

Reputation management

We’ve got your back. We’ll watch for negative reviews and work with you to turn them into positive ones. Using listening tools, we see everything said about you online.

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More people search from their phones and tablets than desktop computers.

What does that mean for you? Millions of pet owners are searching for veterinarians in their area. If your veterinary website is not mobile responsive, unsecured, or doesn’t load quickly – you won’t show up, period. Outdated website? They’ll move on. We build sites that are connected to Google to make sure you get more organic traffic.

Custom Veterinary Websites and Veterinary Digital Marketing (powered by WhiskerCloud) FAQs

What features are included in Custom Veterinary Websites and Cloud Hosting Platform?

PetDesk’s website platform is loaded with features, including hosting, SEO, security, analytics, digital forms, and more. It provides a comprehensive solution for veterinary clinics, ensuring a seamless online presence with all the essential tools built in.

How does PetDesk create custom veterinary websites, and what integrations are available?

PetDesk’s platform is designed to create beautiful veterinary websites tailored to your needs. The websites are fully integrated with the latest apps, incorporating search engine optimization descriptions and meta tags for Google. It also allows real-time tracking and integrates your favorite veterinary and pet portal apps seamlessly into your website.

Do you build mobile-responsive websites, and are templates used in the design?

PetDesk creates custom-built, mobile-responsive websites without using templates. Using their software, they tailor the website to fit your specific needs. The result is a website that looks and functions beautifully on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

How is cloud hosting managed for websites on PetDesk’s platform?

Websites on PetDesk’s platform benefit from cloud hosting on their servers because it ensures that your site is blazing fast and ultra-secure. Cloud hosting eliminates concerns about updates or downtime, providing a reliable and efficient hosting solution.

Does PetDesk provide advertising management services, and how does it impact ROI?

Yes, PetDesk offers advertising management services for social media or Google advertising, all powered by WhiskerCloud. Their team continually optimizes campaigns to increase your Return on Investment (ROI), ensuring that your advertising efforts yield the best possible results.

How does PetDesk support search engine optimization (SEO) for veterinary websites?

PetDesk fully integrates search engine optimization into its platform. When pet owners search for a veterinarian in their area, your website is optimized to be visible in search engines, enhancing its discoverability and attracting potential clients.

What analytics and reporting tools are available with PetDesk's platform, and how can they benefit clinics?

PetDesk provides real-time reporting through accessible dashboards, allowing clinics to track website analytics 24/7. These analytics offer insights into website traffic, visitor demographics, and other key metrics, helping clinics make informed decisions about their online presence.

What is PetDesk’s approach to reputation management, and how does it handle negative reviews?

PetDesk has a reputation management feature that actively monitors for negative reviews. Their team works with clinics to address and turn negative reviews into positive ones. Utilizing listening tools, they keep track of everything said about the clinic online, ensuring a proactive approach to reputation management.