The Best Veterinary Health Service Reminders

Keep your schedule full and predictable by reminding veterinary clients when they should schedule routine services and preventative care.

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PetDesk’s Veterinary Health Service Reminders

Reduce non-compliance with the most complete veterinary reminder system on the market. PetDesk’s Health Service Reminders automatically remind clients when they have a pet due for care. We give you the ability to remind clients across four different channels – text, email, app notification, and postcard – ensuring that clients stay on top of their pets’ health.

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Save 1000s of hours per year by sending health service reminders automatically.

Robust health service reminders

PetDesk’s Veterinary Health Service Reminders pull service information directly from your PIMS, ensuring that reminders are sent automatically across your full range of services. With health service reminders, you don’t have to worry about last-minute changes and cancellation policy headaches. Clients get early and frequent access to reminders sent straight to their devices.

Veterinary Health Service
Reminders FAQs

How do PetDesk's Health Service Reminders help maintain a full and predictable schedule for pet health services?

PetDesk’s Health Service Reminders keep schedules full and predictable by automatically reminding clients when routine services and preventative care are due. The system utilizes a multi-channel approach, including text, email, app notifications, and postcards, to inform clients about their pets’ health needs.

How does PetDesk's Health Service Reminder system contribute to reducing non-compliance with pet health services?

PetDesk’s Health Service Reminders boasts the most comprehensive system on the market, automatically reminding clients when their pets are due for care. The four-channel reminder system (text, email, app notification, and postcard) increases compliance by reaching clients through their preferred communication channels.

How much time can a veterinary clinic save using PetDesk's Health Service Reminders for automatic notifications?

PetDesk’s Health Service Reminders save veterinary clinics thousands of hours annually by automating the reminder process. This automation ensures that clients receive timely notifications about their pets’ health services, reducing the need for manual outreach and administrative tasks.

What makes PetDesk's Health Service Reminders robust and reliable?

PetDesk’s Health Service Reminders pull service information directly from your PIMS, ensuring that reminders are comprehensive and accurate. The system is customizable with filtering options based on reminder codes or descriptions. It follows a three-reminder cadence, sending one reminder before a service is due and two reminders after the service is due.

How effective are multi-channel reminders in ensuring clients stay informed about pet health services?

PetDesk employs a multi-channel approach to reminders, acknowledging that hectic client lifestyles may result in missed phone calls. Channels include text messages (SMS), email, app push notifications, and postcards. This ensures clients receive reminders through their preferred channels, maximizing the chances of engagement.

Why is the three-reminder cadence important in PetDesk's Health Service Reminders?

The three-reminder cadence is designed for optimal client engagement. The 1st reminder is sent two weeks before the service is due, the 2nd is sent one week past due, and the 3rd is sent four weeks past due. This strategic cadence increases the likelihood that clients take prompt action regarding their pets’ health services.

How effective is text messaging (SMS) in PetDesk's multi-channel reminder system?

Text messages (SMS) are highly effective in PetDesk’s multi-channel reminder system, with a 98% open rate in the first five minutes. This quick and direct communication method ensures that clients who opt for text reminders receive timely and impactful notifications about their pets’ health services.