Patient and Client Compliance Management

Acquiring and retaining clients is essential to the success of a clinic. Support and encourage your clinic’s growth with our patient compliance solutions.

Appointment Requests

Instead of sticky note reminders that somehow always get lost, or listening to boring hold music, our appointment request technology saves time for everyone with an easy-to-use interface. Book, organize, cancel, and streamline appointment requests all in one place.

Pet Health Insurance Guide

Planning for the unexpected is an essential aspect of quality pet care. We understand that financial conversations can be complicated and stressful, so we provide clients with vetted insurance partners, plan comparison, and guidance.

Budget-Friendly Financing for Veterinary Care

With easy access to CareCredit in the mobile app, you empower clients to be financially prepared for a lifetime of care with flexible financing options that help them manage the cost – from routine to unexpected.

Dedicated Success Team

When you work with PetDesk, you’re equipped with a dedicated success team to support your practice’s growth. Whether you’ve been working with PetDesk for years or are a brand new customer, our team is with you every step of the way.

Getting Clients Back in the Door

Getting Clients Back in the Door

When Dr. Woods noticed the hospital had a problem with client churn, she knew needed to find a way to better connect with clients after they’d left the hospital. By adopting PetDesk’s App and Reminder System, the hospital grew revenue by getting 56% of clients back in the door with this mobile-first approach.

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