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PetDesk’s Veterinary Payment Software

Veterinary clinics use PetDesk’s veterinary payment software to save money on payment processing, increase office efficiency, and decrease no-shows through features like Text2Pay and Deposit Solicitation. With our innovative approach to payment processing, PetDesk Pay offers the first payment processor that puts money back into the clinic’s pocket.

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Save $100s per month with PetDesk’s competitive rates.

Competitive rates & innovative features

Bring your payment processing into the digital age and take advantage of features that reduce no-shows, improve veterinary clinic efficiency, and reinforce good client behaviors. All supported by extremely competitive rates: we’ve saved clinics $100s per month!

Say goodbye to no-shows at your veterinary clinic

Collect advance deposits for new client appointments, prescription refills, and upcoming surgeries and procedures. You can also take payments whenever it doesn’t make sense for the client to pay in person. Notifications of deposits are sent via SMS, email, or push notifications (for mobile app users) so your staff isn’t spending time on the phones!

Veterinary clinics use our Deposit Solicitation feature to collect payments ahead of appointments with a high risk of no-shows, saving your front desk staff time and money.

“PetDesk has literally changed the way we schedule appointments.”

“We used to expect that 25-30% of our new client appointments would no-show; we lost $5,000-$6,000 a month in no-show new client exams. Now, using PetDesk to invoice and process deposits for new clients, we have eliminated that problem.”

Stephen S.

Director of Operations, Family Pet Health

Veterinary Payment Software FAQs

How does PetDesk's Veterinary Payment Software benefit veterinary clinics?

PetDesk’s Veterinary Payment Software is designed to modernize payment collection for veterinary clinics. It helps clinics save money on payment processing, enhances office efficiency, and reduces no-shows through innovative features like Text2Pay and Deposit Solicitation.

How does PetDesk Pay contribute to cost savings for veterinary clinics?

PetDesk Pay offers competitive rates and innovative features that save veterinary clinics hundreds of dollars monthly. The service includes a free merchant statement analysis, beating approximately 70% of clinics’ existing rates. Additional features like Card on File, recurring payment support, and surcharging support are also included.

What features make PetDesk Pay's rates competitive and attractive for veterinary clinics?

PetDesk Pay’s competitive rates are complemented by features that bring payment processing into the digital age. The service includes two free terminals, live training, and setup with a PetDesk expert. The combination of cost savings and modern features makes PetDesk Pay a valuable choice for veterinary clinics.

How does PetDesk's Deposit Solicitation feature help reduce no-shows for veterinary appointments?

Veterinary clinics use the Deposit Solicitation feature to collect payments in advance for appointments, which helps save front desk staff time and money, all while ensuring clients attend their scheduled appointments. Notifications of deposits are sent via SMS, email, or push notifications, reducing the need for phone calls and streamlining the payment collection process.

Can PetDesk's Veterinary Payment Software help clinics collect advance deposits for specific services?

Yes, PetDesk’s Deposit Solicitation feature allows clinics to collect advance deposits for various services, including new client appointments, prescription refills, and upcoming surgeries or procedures. This proactive approach helps reduce no-shows and ensures that clinics receive payments in advance when necessary.

Is it possible to send payment requests without appearing as spam with PetDesk's Veterinary Payment Software?

Yes, PetDesk’s Payment Software allows clinics to send payment requests from their office phone number via two-way texting or through direct messages (email, push notifications, or in-app for mobile app users), eliminating the risk of looking like spam. This ensures that clients receive payment requests in a trustworthy manner, enhancing the likelihood of prompt responses and payments.