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Pet Health Mobile App

Our mobile app supports pet health compliance, reducing call volume, and overall communication. By leveraging technological advances with the evolving generation of pet owners, clinics will find ease in their practice.

Two-Way Messaging

Save staff time while boosting client engagement and compliance by moving communication for reminders, confirmations, cancellations, and notifications to text messaging. Our Two-Way Messaging feature enables communication to take place anywhere, any time, and any place.

Virtual Care

In this day and age, it’s critical to take advantage of developing technological solutions to strengthen client relationships. With video chat, there are better alternatives to examinations, general hospital visits, triage, and more.

Customized Communications

Match your hospital’s brand with customized appointment reminders, confirmations, and overall messaging. Developing a tailored approach to your communications will further your reach and create a recognizable clinic identity.

Mass Messaging

Have a specific promotion or business message you need to get out? Segment your messaging by client base or patient details with our mass messaging solution. Not only that, you can get data on who received the message, clicked on, or opened it too!

We do get a lot of calls, and some days it’s crazy...but we get a lot of prescription refills and appointment requests through PetDesk, which is extremely helpful for the reduced number of phone calls.

- Jennifer Marketing Manager

Convenient Client Mobile App

In a day where clients are hard to keep and staff is busier than ever, Jennifer, Marketing Manager at Albert North Veterinary Clinic, knew they had to streamline their communications. With the PetDesk App, 62% of their health service requests are digital making communication more convenient for clients and giving time back to staff members so they can care for pets.

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