The Best Veterinary Two-Way Texting Tool

Two-way texting for more efficient and effective veterinary client communication.

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Veterinary Two-Way Texting Tool

PetDesk’s Veterinary Two-Way Texting tool gives time back to your staff and provides your clinic with a more time-effective way of communicating with clients. Rather than having clients call you for everything, let them text you — and your staff can respond whenever it’s most convenient for them. If you already have a texting provider, we can even migrate your number to PetDesk’s texting service so that you can manage texting right from the PetDesk dashboard rather than another piece of software.

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No More Phone Tag

Improve veterinary clinic efficiency with texting

Did you know that 98% of text messages are read within the first five minutes? Texting gives your clinic a powerful and convenient way to communicate with clients and answer queries that otherwise would have required a phone call.

12 hours saved per week — just from using texting in-clinic!

Save hours per week on client communication

Send images back and forth to any client

Free phone number migration

Text message writebacks available for most PIMS

Collect payments via text message with Text2Pay

Two-way texting saves practice 12 hours a week

See how Care-Pets Animal Hospital saved their team time by switching manual callbacks and confirmations to text.

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incremental revenue over seven months

hours saved monthly with automation

Two-Way Texting for Veterinary Clinics FAQs

How does PetDesk's Two-Way Texting contribute to more efficient veterinary client communication?

PetDesk’s Two-Way Texting provides a convenient, time-effective alternative for clients to communicate with the clinic. Instead of relying on phone calls, clients can text, and clinic staff can respond at their convenience. This approach not only saves time for staff but also enhances overall office and communication efficiency.

Why is texting a powerful and convenient way for clinics to communicate with clients?

Texting is a powerful and convenient communication tool for clinics because 98% of text messages are read within the first five minutes. This quick and direct communication method allows clinics to answer client queries, share information, and provide updates without the delays often associated with phone calls.

How does texting with PetDesk save hours per week on client communication for veterinary clinics?

PetDesk’s Two-Way Texting saves significant time by offering a more efficient communication channel and allowing staff to respond when it’s convenient for them. On average, clinics have reported saving up to 12 hours per week on client communication by utilizing texting for various inquiries, appointment reminders, and other communication needs.

What features does PetDesk's Two-Way Texting offer for in-clinic communication?

PetDesk’s Two-Way Texting allows clinics to send images back and forth with clients, providing a visual element to communication. Additionally, the service includes free phone number migration for those already using a texting provider, ensuring a seamless transition to PetDesk’s platform.

How does Text2Pay work with PetDesk's Two-Way Texting, and what payment options are available via text message?

PetDesk’s Two-Way Texting includes Text2Pay, allowing clinics to collect payments via text message. This feature streamlines the payment process for clients, providing a secure and convenient way to make payments through text messaging. Various payment options are available to meet the diverse needs of clients.

What is the advantage of migrating a texting number to PetDesk's Two-Way Texting service?

If you already have a texting provider, PetDesk can migrate your number to its Two-Way Texting service. This allows you to manage texting directly from the PetDesk dashboard, consolidating communication efforts into one platform rather than using multiple software solutions.