Mastering the 3 Rs: Strategies for Recruiting, Rewarding, and Retaining Top Talent and Clients in Your Veterinary Practice

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The webinar with Adam Greenbaum of Petvisor and Tom Seeko of Florida Veterinary Advisors originally aired on Thursday, June 20th @ 10 am PT / 1 pm ET.

Building your financial plan may seem like a taxing to-do, but the benefits it provides for each of your team members make it a must-have for your practice. With a plan in place, you’ll create a strong foundation by establishing a sure-fire structure from the top down. We invite practice owners and managers to join us as we chat through the different strategies you can incorporate into your plan to recruit, reward, and retain strong staff, while encouraging pet owners to take charge of their pets’ health

The 3 Rs: Recruiting, Rewarding, and Retaining

Recruit, reward, and retain a strong staff and clients by implementing the 3 Rs in your financial plan. Below, these tips will help build a strong financial foundation for you and your team. 


  • People come to work at your practice based on two reasons: Culture and Competitiveness. Build a brand that will attract and stand out to new hires.
  • Common perks used to recruit a strong staff are retirement accounts and medical insurance.


  • Reward your staff with items that are tied together. The worst reward programs are ones that are not tied to anything.
  • Offer reward programs that will be long-lasting. Random cash bonuses become expected and lose their appeal quickly.
  • Your focus should be to get your team members to focus on something specific to help improve profits. These rewards should be specific and tied to personal growth. 


  • Retain valuable employees by understanding their partnership with you and your practice. Ownership is the most difficult to get back.
  • Build a retention program with these three attributes: Deferred, Substantial, and Cost Recovery to Practice.
  • Make sure your program is long-lasting. The shortest time period would be 7 years, but 10 is ideal.

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Adam Greenbaum
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Petvisor

Adam leads the marketing team as CMO at Petvisor, and implements growth strategies for all our portfolio brands through innovative and scalable marketing techniques. He’s obsessed with both the digital user experience and creating a streamlined world for pet parents looking to procure the best care for their pets. Adam spends his time away from Petvisor with his wife, Elizabeth, his dogs, Sophie and Baxter, as well as his cat, Nala. You can find Adam walking on the beach, cruising on a Duffy boat, or traveling to a new place he’s never been. If you’d like to start a conversation with Adam, some good topics to consider are Marvel Comics, the Lakers, Dodgers, or artificial intelligence.

Adam Greenbaum
Tom Seeko

Tom Seeko
Co-Founder, Florida Veterinary Advisors

Tom is the co-founder of Florida Veterinary Advisors, a national financial planning firm working with veterinarians, veterinary teams, and practice owners to provide them with the next step in their plan. Tom is also the co-host of the Smarter Vet Financial Podcast, where veterinary professionals and the veterinary community have TED Talk-like conversations and interviews about personal and business finance, as well as what people can control within their finances.

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