Enhancing the Euthanasia Experience Part I: Helping Families With the Decision

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Enhancing the Euthanasia Experience Part I: Helping Families With the Decision

In this emotionally impactful course, we delve into the art of empathetic communication and professional guidance when helping families navigate the difficult decision of euthanasia for their beloved pets. You’ll gain the tools, insights, and strategies to ensure that this sensitive journey is as respectful, comforting, and meaningful as possible.

  • Understanding the Needs of Our Clients: Gain profound insights into the emotional and psychological needs of pet owners during this critical time, enabling you to offer tailored support and guidance.
  • Helping Pet Owners Make the Decision: Discover techniques to facilitate transparent conversations with pet owners, helping them arrive at a decision that aligns with their pet’s well-being and best interests.
  • Quality of Life Scales: Learn how to use quality of life assessment scales effectively to assist pet owners in evaluating their pet’s condition and making informed decisions about end-of-life care.
  • Preparing the Family: Explore methods to prepare families emotionally for the euthanasia process, helping them navigate the journey ahead with a sense of readiness and acceptance.
  • Using Positive Vocabulary: Master the art of using compassionate and positive language, providing comfort to families while discussing sensitive topics, and fostering an atmosphere of support.
  • Resources Available for Clients: Familiarize yourself with an array of resources that can be offered to clients, such as grief support services, memorial options, and post-euthanasia care resources.

Join PetDesk, EUTHABAG® and Celine Leheurteux, DVM on Thursday, September 21 at 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT for this must-see webinar for your team.

Note: Once approved by RACE, CE credits are only available to those who attend the LIVE webinar for at least 50 minutes on September 21, 2023. If you cannot attend the live webinar, you will receive a recording to watch on your own time, but cannot qualify for CE credits. 

Image of Celine Leheurteux, DVM

​About Celine Leheurteux, DVM

Active in small animal practice since 1999, Dr. Leheurteux is interested in the psychological aspect of veterinary practice with the purpose of optimizing relationships both within the care team and with clients.

Through the years, she has developed a personalized approach to euthanasia, a defining medical act, one that has a huge impact both for the client and the veterinarian, and for which practitioners are not prepared well for during their University curriculum. Having suffered from the lack of training in euthanasia, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and clinical experience with veterinary teams to improve the experience of euthanasia for everyone involved in the process. In the last years, she has attended international veterinary conferences and is on a mission to share the best of what she has learned in lectures on end-of-life and communication and in the clinic on the Practical Classes in Small Animal Euthanasia RACE-approved CE platform.

As she could not find anything on the market, it appeared inevitable to design a pet body bag that would respect the bond between the vet team, the pet, and the family. Ecology is a core value that guided her choices in the design of EUTHABAG; she spent years researching and developing a leakproof pouch made from recyclable material that could be incinerated without harming the environment. PVC, although easy to waterproof, was not an option because of its toxicity and the inability to integrate recycled material. Additionally, the ink used for silkscreen printing is water-based.

Concerned by animal and people welfare, she has participated in spay and neuter clinics in Costa Rica since she graduated. Celine is a mother of 3 that loves to ride ponies when she can leave the office!

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