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PetDesk Phones Features

Voice Features

visual voicemail icon

Voicemail Management

All your voicemails available in one place — review them in your UCP box.

unlimited extensions icon

Unlimited Extensions

There’s no end in sight when it comes to scaling your system with PetDesk Phones. Add as many extensions as you want, whenever you want.

custom greetings icon

Custom Greetings

Get one of our in-house professionals to record all your voice menus and announcements. Remember, you can add and edit as many as you want.

text messaging icon

Text Messaging

SMS messaging is a part of your package by default. Message your customers directly from your new devices or a web panel, with all communication going through your main number(s).

fax to email icon

Fax to Email

No more bulky and expensive fax machines of old. Use our system to send and receive faxes just like you used to, but with everything running through our VoIP system and being converted to PDF on each end. Faxes are just two clicks away (easier than email).

call queues icon

Call Queues

Your new call queues option allows you to stack as many callers as you want until you or your colleague can answer them. Callers have the option to leave a voicemail or request a call-back while waiting. Custom periodic announcements while in queue are available as well.

voicemail to email icon

Voicemail to Email

All voicemail boxes are backed up to dedicated email addresses by default. This way, you never lose anything, and forwarding a voicemail is easy and convenient.

number porting icon

Number Porting

Want to keep your existing phone numbers when switching to PetDesk Phones? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

call recording icon

Call Recording

If you wish to review or troubleshoot your team’s calls, you can do so by enabling call recording on any or all of your numbers. All recordings will be available through our easily searchable web portal.

3 way calling icon

3-Way Calling

Say you’re on a call with a teammate, and you need to add a third colleague to the call. One click, and you’re there. Our system is optimized for supporting multiple lines on calls.

business hours icon

Business Hours

The business hours feature allows you to set your hours of operation and restrict incoming calls to that interval (don’t worry, you always have manual overrides available). You will always be able to dial out or make internal calls, but inbound calls will come through exactly when you want them.

conference calls icon

Conference Calls

Improve productivity by using the conference call option. There are no limitations — add external resources and contractors — this option is not restricted to just your internal network. Cooperation has never been this easy.

international numbers icon

International Numbers

Does your business require an international number? Local phone numbers allow your customers from abroad to call you at standard local rates or free of charge. We’ve got you covered (more than 160 countries available).

internal phone number tags icon

Internal Phone Number Tags

If your company has several different phone numbers for different channels or purposes, you can tag every one of them, and when the call comes in, you will know which one was dialed at a glance and be prepared for the exchange.

MMS icon


Want to catch your clients’ attention by sharing an image of a GIF directly via a text message? Once again — we’ve got you covered.

toll-free numbers icon

Toll-Free Numbers

PetDesk Phones can set up a toll-free number for your business, giving you an edge over your competitors.

long distance call icon

Local & LD Dial-Tone

Local or long distance? Makes no difference to us! Everything is included as part of the account for every client.

conference bridge icon

Conference Bridge

Can you imagine a conference bridge for up to 2,000 callers? We can. It’s fully customizable, and available with your account.

multiple calls per line icon

Multiple Calls Per Line

No more annoying busy signal sounds. Connect as many lines as you need to just one phone number.

custom hold music icon

Custom Hold Music

Use the time your customers are on hold or in a queue to add custom music or messaging of your choice. Advertising to a captive audience — make every second count 😊

caller id icon

Caller ID

With caller ID, you will know the name and number of the person trying to reach you prior to picking up, giving you the confidence you need to conduct the conversation to your advantage.

dial by extension icon


If a caller knows the extension number of the staff member they are trying to reach, once connected, they can simply type that number in, and they will be connected immediately — circumventing the menus.

Intelligent Call Routing

ring groups icon

Ring Groups

Group your extensions so they ring together for your chosen call flow.

auto attendants icon

Auto-Attendants (IVR)

IVR, or interactive voice response, gives you the option of creating custom menus and options for your callers.

call forwarding icon

Call Forwarding

One-click-forwarding to any extension or outside number (yes, mobile phones included).

call routing icon

Call Routing

Use custom numbers to route to an extension or a group of extensions of your choice.

automatic outbound caller ID icon

Automatic Outbound Caller ID

PetDesk Phones allows you to set an outbound caller ID automatically based on the call destination country. Your clients abroad will receive a local phone call instead of an international one.

multi-level IVR menu icon

Multi-Level IVR Menu

Add as many IVR menus as you need. There are no restrictions — you have all the flexibility you need.

custom schedules icon

Custom Schedules

You have the ability to create custom schedules in advance, making sure that the right people receive calls at the right time.

direct outward dialing icon

Direct Outward Dialing

Want to make an outbound call? Just enter the number and go. There is nothing you need to do — like press a button for an outside line, or dial a special code.

extension transfers icon

Extension Transfers

Transferring a call to a different extension is as easy as pressing the transfer button and choosing the extension from the touch screen. You will never again need to dial a phone number.

find me/follow me icon

Find Me/Follow Me

You can set up your extension so that, if not answered by X number of rings, the caller is immediately forwarded to your cell phone. This comes in very handy for on-call personnel.

group call pickup icon

Group Call Pickup

You have the ability to remotely answer a phone call made to a different extension if they are unavailable.

direct inward dialing icon

Direct Inward Dialing

Dial any extension directly if you happen to know their extension number, thus circumventing the IVR menus.

emergency assistance icon

E-911 Enabled

Your main number is e-911 enabled, meaning your address is associated with it, so in case of an emergency, if you just dial 911 and let the phone hang, the service will know exactly where to send help.

blacklist icon


Create a custom blacklist of numbers that cannot reach any of your numbers. Very handy with spammers.

virtual queueing icon

Virtual Queueing

Once a caller is in your call queue, they have the option of pressing star (*) and entering their phone number. Once their turn comes, they will receive an automatic call-back from the system, allowing them to start the conversation with your staff member.


call transfers icon

Call Transfers

One-click transfer to an extension in your location or outside (via softphone), or an outside number.

soft client telephone icon


Your extension can have its own softphone copy — allowing you the flexibility of doing everything you could do from your desk phone.

warm transfer icon

Attended Transfer

Easily transfer calls to another extension or number, with the ability to stay on the line and make introductions.

call notes icon

CDR – Detailed Call Records

In our flexible and highly detailed call logs, you have the option of flagging calls for follow-up, as well as adding notes to every conversation, during or after the call (very helpful for CSRs with client follow-up, or managers when QA-ing calls).

blacklist icon


The blacklist option allows you to add undesirable or spam numbers that will not be allowed to ring inbound into your business ever again.

call severity icon

Call Severity

Besides just flagging for follow-up and notes, you can add up to 5 levels of severity to each call and use these attributes to filter calls. Very handy with troubleshooting bad calls.

callback icon


The call-back option is designed to boost productivity and make sure no calls are left unanswered. All missed calls are registered in the system. Do a one-click call-back and successfully connect with every caller.

click to call icon

Click to Call

There’s no need to press line, or a combination of numbers or symbols to get to an outside line. Just type in your desired number or extension, and the call is immediate.

individual call logs icon

Individual Call Logs

Every individual call has a detailed view with a list of all events that occurred in the system for quick and easy troubleshooting, as well as a follow-up flag, call severity menu, and notes open field.

cell phone integration icon

Cell Phone Integration

Using a Cloud Softphone app, your cell phone becomes a carbon copy of your physical extension at work, giving you the flexibility to do everything you would from a desk phone while on the go.

call whisper icon

Call Whisper

The call whisper option allows you to attend a live call with a customer and talk to your team member on the call without being heard by the other party (very helpful when training new personnel).

call barge icon

Call Barge

Similar to Call Whisper, but allows the user to jump in and take over the conversation from the other user.

call park/pickup icon

Call Park / Pickup

Place a call on a call park slot and pick it up again from any device. Gives you flexibility that a normal call hold doesn’t (the call is no longer stuck on that one device).

dial by extension icon

Extension Dialing

Call a colleague with one click by simply pressing their extension on the touch screen (no phone number needed).

group intercom paging icon

Group Paging

If you wish to broadcast an announcement to multiple phones at once, you can do so by using the page group option. Create custom groups for your specific use cases.

intercom icon


One-on-one intercom feature, allowing you to broadcast your voice to a specific extension.

do not disturb icon

Do Not Disturb

Use this option to take a single phone out of a ring group if they happen to be a part of one. This option just turns off incoming calls and transfers them directly to voicemail for a single extension.


API icon


Use our open API to integrate with your external systems — import contacts and records to create custom reporting.

contact history icon

Contact History

All interactions with a customer are stored and always within reach. When a customer calls in, all their history is available on-screen (previous calls, orders, chats, or notes), so you have everything you need from one interface (no more jumping between systems and multiple screens).

simple integrations icon

Simple Integrations

The PetDesk Phones system integrates easily with your CRM of choice, allowing our system to display all data points needed to ensure your CSR provides the best possible service for the client.

Statistics & Monitoring

agent reporting icon

Agent Reporting

Detailed daily reports on all agents are available in the PetDesk Phones system, allowing you to monitor their performance and ensure improvements when needed.

call statistics icon

Call Statistics

To help you track agent performance and ensure system optimization, PetDesk Phones provides you with complex statistics on all calls, agents, queues, menu funnels, etc. No more guesswork — make all your decisions data-driven.

custom reporting icon

Custom Reporting

The PetDesk Phones system has filters allowing you to display data as you see fit (e.g., by agent, phone number, queue, or timeframe). Generate reports that are relevant to your business.

real time dashboard icon

Real-Time Dashboard

See at-a-glance stats on system functions and staff productivity, always up to date.


online user management icon

Online User Management

Add as many users as you need, and easily manage their access level via our web portal.

responsive web admin icon

Responsive Web Admin

Our web portal is accessible from laptops, tablets, and phones. The interface will adjust to your resolution and device type for a seamless experience.

security icon


Your data is safe with us — all PetDesk Phones servers are located in the US and monitored 24/7.

unlimited concurrent calls icon

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

There are no limits to your concurrent calls — you can have as many inbound and outbound calls at the same time as you need.

management portal icon

Management Portal

Utilize our state-of-the-art PBX system that allows your team administrators to monitor and customize your phone system.